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fast & furious attraction takes shape at universal studios hollywood - mylar film properties

by:Cailong     2019-07-29
fast & furious attraction takes shape at universal studios hollywood  -  mylar film properties
New speed & passion: Supercharged 3D motion
The Hollywood-based Universal Studios simulator attraction, which will debut this summer, will turn a leisurely backcourt studio tour into a 120-mile-per-hour Los Angeles street game.
New attractions to be opened in June 25 replace speed and passion: extreme proximity
Car stunts at other places on a tram tour in the back seat.
The appeal of this huge new rage is based on the street racing film franchise, which will be similar to the King Kong 360 3D drive-
The movie simulator opened in the movie theme park on 2010.
Speed and passion: Super charging will be more technically advanced, three times as many as Hong Kong's attractions, said Chick Russell, global creative executive producer at the new attraction.
"We want to do something different than anything else in the past," Russell said in a recent preview . ".
In the planning phase known as Project 469 at that time, global creative company established a completescale mock-
In a huge attraction, there is a fake tram inside a cave-like Vista sound stage.
Now living in a huge 65,000square-
800 of the new construction-foot-long and six-story-
The tall building is longer than the two football fields.
Projected onto the world's longest 3D screen
The definition film will be accompanied by a sound of 80,000 watts and a variety of special effects, including water, fog, fire, smoke and wind.
Passengers surrounded by trams, parcels-
A screen about 400 feet long and 40 feet high will use 34 projectors.
More than 50 speakers will sound 108 decibels through a perforated screen full of millions of small holes.
The back tram of the studio will be located at 200-foot-
Long motion simulator, which will roll, tilt, ups and downs and vibrate as passengers experience simulated collisions of cars, debris, shrapnel and missiles related to actions on the screen.
The influence of the wind will cause the tram to accelerate to 120 miles an hour.
"If there is one, we have to ease it a little bit because you don't have a seat belt," Russell said with a playful smile.
Spoiler alert: Next is a detailed refinement of the background of the attraction and an extensive description of the interior of the building.
Think about yourself.
The story behind the appeal of anger is built by video clips displayed while riding the tram behind the studio.
The 3D movie of tram scenes and attractions consists of original actors from the film series, including Vin Diesel (
Dominique Torreto)
Dwayne Johnson (Luke Hobbs)
Michelle Rhodes. Letty Ortiz)
Terres Gibson (Roman Pearce)
Luke Evans (Owen Shaw).
All stunts and action sequences involving movie stars were taken in front of the green screen and later synthesized with HD photos
Real images taken in and around Los Angeles.
During the poor tour, the tram driver found Dom's unique black 1970 Dodge Charger parked next to the studio bungalow and radio in the information provided to global security.
Soon, a FBI agent warned passengers of a federal witness who might have evaded international criminal groups on the tram.
In the third "live", Hobbs informed the rider that the crew of Dom had been retained to protect the witnesses and that the team needed our help.
"Everyone on the tram is in danger," Hobbs concluded . ".
"Enjoy the journey.
"When the tram was parked at the entrance to the attraction, the door of Sullivan's truck repair shop slid open, and the tram entered the secret chop shop of the fast-Furious crew, A pile of tires, a rusty trailer and a partially disassembled car passed.
Within the building, the tram stops in the first of three different areas, separated by sound
Prove the elephant door.
In the first area, the rider saw Hobbs's assault car.
Machine guns and Roman's truck were installed with a hook in the back.
The BThe vehicle compartment is filled with equipment designed for body work, custom painting, engine repair and diagnostic testing.
Hobbs and Roman appear on the video screen to set the action that is about to unfold.
Four connected trams in the second area stop in front of four separate bays set to show the ghost effect of the digital pepper, the effect is made using a tilt screen of the wheat film and lighting technology to make the Holographic
Like performers on stage.
Throughout the scene, the video projection of angry characters seems to be walking around the truck under the stage.
Hidden above the tram, the four projectors layer the image to an invisible Merah screen for greater brightness.
"It's a big magic," Russell said . "
In the third area, the rider enters the main showroom, surrounded by a curved screen at the front of the tram.
On top of the world's largest hydraulic movement
Based on the simulator, the tram is designed to shake, tilt and vibrate along with the actions on the world's longest 3D screen.
At the beginning of the movie, the screen was filled with an enclosed view of the parking structure.
The angry crew rushed into the garage almost immediately.
Roman carats hook lock on the tram and pull the passengers by the action that unfolds on the streets and highways.
The angry staff, without revealing the entire storyline, helped tram passengers avoid flame flamingos, machine guns, missiles, crashes and explosions.
Once Dom fell from a helicopter on one side of the tram and landed on a perfect Hood
The other side of the car speeding regularly.
After the tram successfully jumped off an unfinished bridge, Dom said: "You did a great job.
You can join our team at any time
"Finally, when the nose screen was sneaked away, the tram left through a mass of smoke.
The debut of the new attraction was to coincide with the latest release of Angry 7, the latest in the street racing film series.
From 2006, the behind-the-scenes tour of Universal Studios Hollywood features speed and passion: extreme proximity
Car stunt show, a strange demo featuring two drift
In a "car dance", the car lifted 25 feet to the air on the huge robot arm.
"With the addition of King Kong 360 3D in 2010, Fast & Furious: Supercharged continues the global effort to inject energy and excitement into the backcourt tour.
The long term world's most popular attraction, the backcourt tour has been out of date for many years, compared with the new addition of the theme park, old standards like the "Great White Shark" shark attack and earthquake simulation feel dull and old.
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