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faux stained glass window - colored glass window film

by:Cailong     2019-07-07
faux stained glass window  -  colored glass window film
I really like the idea of fake colored glass.
I have some very boring windows.
But we need to provide privacy for our fish tanks.
It's expensive to buy a door with stained glass, and when our door is in good condition, it's stupid to buy a new one.
So I tried in vain to find someone from an elses project to forge stained glass and keep coming up with ideas that are not very convenient about the huge amount of work and products I can't find in my area
So this is a simple and quick project for my privacy stained glass.
Collect your things.
You need: ruulera sharpi mark or any old permenant markerpuffy fabric paint (
Tulip brand I use)
Acrylic metal paint (
I use the grid "folk art ")
Pattern of colored glass (
I apparently copied my photo from the Internet search "stained glass pattern)
First, clean your windows.
Can be any glass window.
I did this on the glass instead of on the plexiglass, so all I know is that this works on the glass. (Dont be afraid!
I have done this once and after 5 months of applying it I clean it up with soap and water.
So it's perfect for people who rent r or worry about commitment).
Get your sketch.
For the next step, remember that perfection is not necessary.
It needs to look good, but I never worry about accurate measurements.
Transfer the lines of the sketch to the window using a ruler (
Or other edge of the Strait)
And your sharp.
Or transfer your pattern for free.
My first window pattern is donefree hand.
This pattern happens to require a channel edge.
Sharpi can easily wipe off with paper towels and water if you mess up, so don't worry.
The paint will cover the sharpi so you won't see it.
I paint inside, so I use sharpi inside too.
So I tried using pure black acrylic paint and paint brush for the first time, but found it confusing and time consuming.
I found the fabric expansion paint that we all remember using on the 1990s jersey and realized how easy it was and found out how it was for beso.
So track your sharpi lines with fluffy paint, simulate and mimic the "lead" in colored glass ". Let dry.
The label says wait 4 hours, but it took my window about 1 hour to dry.
Depending on the temperature.
But make sure it's really dry!
So it's time to draw.
Whatever you want, apply metal acrylic paint to your palate with a foam brush and paper tray.
Once again, we are in there, stay in the team now!
There are two reasons why I use metal acrylic paint.
First, it looks more like stained glass, and second, it provides more privacy.
When this method is used, the metal properties have a two-way mirror effect.
When a person looks inward, they reflect the light and therefore block any view of the interior without reflecting the light inside.
Let's see who's outside the door.
You can use any technology you like, but making wave stripes and spots will enhance your stained glass fakeout. Let dry.
You're done now. How easy.
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