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fda proposes tougher rules on pet food safety - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-17
fda proposes tougher rules on pet food safety  -  pet manufacturing process
On Friday, the government proposed stricter rules for food production to protect pets in the United States.
The new food and drug supervision and administration regulations will develop production guidelines to help prevent harmful bacteria and other contaminants from polluting pet food and animal feed.
The goal is to reduce food-
Diseases that can harm people and animals.
The statement comes as the FDA continues its efforts to deal with widespread outbreaks of diseases related to imported beef jerky.
Since 2007, about 3,600 dogs and even several cats have been ill after eating Chinese. made products;
Nearly 600 pets have died.
The agency has not yet determined the exact cause of the disease.
But since some names have been recalled, reports of disease have fallen sharplybrand treats.
The FDA says the proposed rules will give its inspectors more power to fight offenders in the manufacturing process, rather than waiting for contaminated products to go public.
"This is a key shift in the past," said Michael Taylor, FDA's deputy commissioner for food and veterinary medicine . ". "We [currently]
Go to the court with evidence and persuade the court to take action.
"The proposed rules will give the FDA" tools that allow us to take direct action to detain products and suspend facilities, "he said ".
The agency can also restrict imports from overseas suppliers who violate the regulations.
FDA officials say the new regulations will help prevent an outbreak like the 2007 melamine scandal from happening again, adding a chemical used to make plastic to pet food produced in China, thousands of pets have been killed and infected in the United States. S.
Contaminated pet food can also be infected with humans by cross-infectioncontamination.
Last year, due to the outbreak of salmonella, a production plant in Gaston in the United States recalled 30,000 tons of dry dog and cat foodC.
It is reported that nearly 50 people are ill in 20 states.
The proposed rule stems from the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011, which puts greater responsibility on domestic and foreign food producers in implementing safety plans.
The goal of the FDA is to shift from passive to prevention in food safety.
The FDA said the new regulations will require facilities that produce animal food to develop written plans to identify hazards, steps to minimize or prevent them, and steps to correct problems after problems arise.
If these measures are implemented, FDA's Taylor said, the FDA will be able to check Factory records to ensure that products such as canned dog food are properly heated to reduce bacterial contamination.
In addition, Taylor said the FDA will inform producers that their food must be balanced.
Taylor said the rules did not address the use of antibiotics in farm animal feed because the increase in antibiotic resistance was blamed.
The proposal was released to the public 120 days before it came into effect.
The FDA says compliance will cost the industry about $0. 13 billion.
Both the American Humane Society and the American Institute for the prevention of animal abuse have praised the proposal to apply stricter standards to animal food.
"ASPCA supports the idea of providing additional regulation on the production of pet food," the organization said in a statement . ".
"The products pet owners want to sell in the US are safe and balanced for their pets.
Debbie Phillips, editor-in-chief of the trade publication Petfood Industry, said that most of the leading manufacturers are ready for new regulations and security measures have been put in place.
Since the 2007 melamine dispute, Phillips said, the industry has reduced procurement from China due to strong public protests and consumer demand for alternative pet food sources.
"There is very little pet food in China," Phillips said . ".
"Not to say no, but it has dropped a lot.
I think the active involvement of FDA in cooperation with Chinese entities helps to maintain the remaining food safety. It's not fool-
This is proven considering the current issue of ripening.
"China remains China's largest foreign supplier of pet food, and nearly half of the $0. 691 billion imported last year came from China, according to US data. S.
Ministry of Agriculture.
This is only a small part of America's economy. S.
The retail market for pet food is $19.
According to market research firm Mintel, 7 billion last year.
Nestle is the three major producers of the premier brand;
Delmon food, whose brand includes Meow mixed kibles 'n; and Mars Inc.
Make bloodlines, whiskey and King's dog.
Del Monte Foods stated that it welcomed the proposed rules and was already implementing a similar agreement.
Mike Hayes said: "These standards represent a fundamental shift in pet food safety standards that will raise standards across the pet industry, and ultimately ensure the best things for the health and safety of pets Delmont food company food safety and quality director.
"We will review the proposed rules in detail in the coming weeks, but believe we have the ability to meet or go beyond them. "david. Pearson @ latimes.
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