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feed ingredient unlikely to spread killer pig virus, experts say - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-25
feed ingredient unlikely to spread killer pig virus, experts say  -  pet manufacturing process
The World Animal Health Organization said Wednesday that an animal
If the manufacturer follows appropriate safety measures, it is unlikely that feed supplements that are suspected of spreading the deadly swine virus will spread the disease.
A number of studies have shown that
Dry pig plasma is a supplement containing the blood of piglets and is unlikely to be a source of infectious diarrhea virus in pigs (PEDv)
"Just follow good manufacturing practices and biosafety standards," the organization known as OIE said in a fact sheet.
These findings are an important development in global efforts to identify ways to disseminate PEDv.
It is estimated that the virus has killed 8 million piglets, or 13% of the United States. S.
Since the first discovery of pigs in the United States last year, the United States has been promoting the development of pigs. S.
Pork prices hit a record high.
The disease was also found in Mexico, Canada, Japan and other countries.
Blood products such as spray
Dry pig plasma is used in the diet of piglets all over the world and is considered as a potential carrier of PEDv due to the blood containing pigs.
The conclusion that pig plasma is unlikely to spread the disease has given feed manufacturers a boost as they worry about their products.
The International Federation of feed Industries said in a statement that the findings were based on the scientific work of the OIE ad hoc group on PEDv and highlighted the "strong commitment to feed safety" of the feed industry"
However, OIE sets global standards for policies that affect animal health, and it confirms that if contaminated with feces carrying the disease, feed is one of the objects that can indirectly spread PEDv.
Researchers have previously confirmed that PEDv spreads from pigs to pigs through exposure to feces containing the virus.
According to OIE, it can also be spread from farm to farm by trucks, people or feed contaminated with feces.
"Feed can work, most likely as a tool, not as a pollutant itself," said Paul Sandberg, vice president of science and technology at the National Pork Council.
On the 5 th, the European Commission strengthened the rules for importing pig blood products for pig feed to prevent PEDv.
Canada issued its first warning to the farm and feed industry in February, when it said it had identified the virus in samples in the United States. S. -origin plasma.
It is not clear whether this feed can cause the disease of piglets.
In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has reviewed the manufacturing process of a company that produces dry pig plasma used as a feed supplement.
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