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feeling of good vibes in prospect - clear polycarbonate roofing

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
feeling of good vibes in prospect  -  clear polycarbonate roofing
When Sydney couple John and Sue Pierce first flew to Auckland 11 years ago, John was found working in Fonterra by headhunters, who drove around the city to see where they wanted to live.
Mount Eden immediately fascinated them.
But instead of moving in to buy right away, they rented the house at Epsom while waiting for the price to drop, and Sue did a thorough study of other suburbs, three Kings, including pangolin and Parnell, and St. Helen. "My full-
Working time is a feeling for the market and your money.
"Three years later, they were still occupied by the friendly villages of Eden Mountain, the advantages of the featured villas and the beauty of the mountain itself.
Also in the central suburbs-
Epsom Girls Grammar district, where their youngest daughter Katie goes to school, is close enough to the city and John can walk to work in 45 minutes.
The couple had three dogs to take a walk every day, and they were attracted by the open green space of the mountain, less than a kilometer away.
"You go up the hill with the dog and you can go anywhere.
The wind wanders through their ears, and this is the happiest place for them . "
She said that the 1920 villa in Prospect is attractive because it feels like it has a soul.
"When I walk into a house, it has to talk to me and have its own personality.
There are a lot of "beautiful" houses around, but they often feel like boxes with roofs on top. She and John
They have been decorating the house since they got engaged
It is also possible to see the great potential to improve the house without any major structural changes.
John said that when they bought the property in 2009,
Facing the garden next to it, it was a muddy marsh, with dense trees and shrubs blocking the sun.
The back garden is "basically a bank full of rocks ".
After clearing the two areas, Pierce created a terrace back garden with lawn and added a wide L-
The shape, covered deck that surrounds the north and east of the house.
Transparent, polyester roof and cafe
Style, with transparent blinds installed to create a sheltered, fullIndoor weather-
Capture the outdoor space of the yearround sun. At the west-
Facing the front of the House, the balcony has been rebuilt, the ugly concrete staircase has been replaced, Pearce has put into the fence according to the features of the villa, and its front door still has the original lead light window.
In addition to the four bedrooms and two bathrooms, the house also has two living rooms-
In the face of a more formal Street and the East --and north-
Facing the lounge next to the restaurant, open on the covered deck overlooking the back garden.
"Katie thought it was great when we moved in because she and her friends could be in front of the house and we could be in the back," Sue said . ".
Home is easy, indoor-
Outdoor mobility is perfect for entertainment, where four generations of families gather before big events before Katie gets married in 2014.
The three daughters, their partners and five grandchildren of the Pierce couple now live in Canberra, London and Victoria, Canada.
Two of the daughters are scheduled to settle in New Zealand by the end of 2019.
Su and John's recent plan is to sell their homes and move to the Southern Highlands between Canberra and Sydney.
"But we have fallen in love with New Zealand.
We will really miss the village so we can see that the future may be the time to re-evaluate.
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