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ferry chef died of a heart attack after he was 'mummified' in clingfilm during sex game with 'two men he met online' - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-05
ferry chef died of a heart attack after he was \'mummified\' in clingfilm during sex game with \'two men he met online\'  -  black plastic sheeting
Court hearing, a chef of the P & O ferry died of a heart attack as he was stuck on film and plastic cloth in a sex game with "two men he knows online"
Aaron Williams, 47, was wrapped in film and plastic, unable to adjust his body temperature, and dehydration eventually led to a heart attack, a jury at the Royal Court of Canterbury was told today.
The trial heard that the chef and his girlfriend live in Shepherdswell, Kent, who is interested in binding and mummy making and will meet men online to have sex.
Richard Bowler, 35, and David Connor, 23, both from Canterbury, were accused of illegally killing Mr. Williams after Mr. Williams was found dead at his apartment in Dover, Kent, august 20 of last year
The charge states that wrapping Mr Williams with plastic wrap and plastic "would put his body in harm's condition of dehydration, overheating, and pressure on the cardiovascular system.
It says this is "the main cause of his death ".
They also face another charge of manslaughter.
They all denied the charges.
Bowler has cerebral palsy and affects his partner.
When prosecutor Ian Hope opened the case, the coordination and action cried loudly, and Judge Adele Williams had to ask him to be quiet.
He said that bowler lived with Conor, who was an "informal house-keeper" of bowler ".
Shortly after six o'clock A. M. on the day of Mr. Williams's death, Connor walked into the taxi where his mother worked and told the court, "Mom, Richard killed people ".
He mentioned the restraints and muscle relaxants and told his mother that Mr Williams was dead.
After bowler called his brother and texted his sisterin-
The law asked for help and called the police at 5.
The court heard that I told them that he was involved in a "weird sex meeting" with a friend who was wrapped up and stopped breathing ".
He was sent to the ambulance service and told them that Mr. Williams had taken the drug ketamine ketone.
Mr. Williams worked on the P & O ferry for 30 years, and later tests showed that he drank a cocktail of drugs including ketamine, a horse-based agent.
The court heard that he had been dead for several hours before the two realized what had happened.
Mr. Hope told the court that after Mr. Williams took drugs, he stayed alone in a room, wrapped in plastic cloth and film, with a lot of risks.
He said: "At least they have to keep an eye on him, which they have not done, which has led to his death, which they have not noticed for quite some time.
The jury also played a 999 call from bowler to the police before six o'clock A. M.
He was heard telling the phone handler: "It's a bit awkward.
"My friend, his name is Allen.
I have known him for five years.
"I'm gay. he's gay.
We had a weird sex game and he stopped breathing.
When bowler calls, Connor's voice can be heard in the background.
Bowler told the operator: "He was on my bed and he was wrapped in PVC sheets with tape.
"His body is wrapped in a film that is stuck together, and I have a text message on my phone saying that this is what he likes.
The trial then heard his call after bowler was transferred to an ambulance service operator who told him how to perform CPR.
Mr. Hope said that when the paramedics arrived, they found the bed covered with black plastic, and bowler was performing a CPR on Mr. Williams.
The prosecutor said to the court: "from his ankle to his shoulder, it is clear that he has been dead for some time.
The jury heard that nurse Mark McDougall was one of the first to be present, saying that bowler told him that the last time he saw Mr. Williams was alive three hours ago.
The court heard that Mr. Williams was found to be wrapped tightly from head to foot with plastic film and film, leaving space around his nose and mouth so that he could breathe.
The court was advised that a hood was allegedly placed on his head at Mr Williams's request and that sexual behaviour involving three men had occurred.
PC Kevin Sturgess arrives at the apartment at 6: 00.
At ten o'clock A. M. he spoke to Connor, who told him that bowler was often addicted to eccentric sex, that Mr. Williams had been to the apartment before and that the court had been told.
The jury heard that he said that Mr. Williams had arrived and that he had greeted and shook hands before going to see bowler.
Mr. Hope said that Connor told Mr. Sturgis that he went out at midnight and returned to the hotel at one o'clock A. M. and found bowler crying and shaking there.
The jury heard that bowler told Connor that Mr. Williams wanted to be wrapped in plastic wrap and didn't breathe.
Sturgis then arrested Connor, who told him: "I didn't do anything.
I told you what happened.
Hope said police found drugs in Mr. Williams's backpack, including grams of his life, cocaine, meth and pentyl nitrate, also known as poppers.
During the court hearing, they also found a gas mask and tie in his bag.
The jury heard that sex toys, masking tape, black plastic cloth and plastic wrap were also found in the apartment.
The court said a laptop was found in Williams's car, showing his interest in slavery and mummy making. A post-
An anatomical examination of Mr. Williams's body confirmed that he died suddenly after wrapping the body under the influence of Gram's life and meth.
The jury learned that although Williams had a female partner, he enjoyed the meeting for the purpose of same-sex.
The jury heard that bowler said that they had known each other for five years and that they met and had sex after using various gay sites.
The text message between bowler and Williams was sent between June and last August, arranging the sex meeting and also showing it to the jury.
In court proceedings, Mr. Williams sent a text message to bowler on the afternoon of August 19 to discuss the sex meeting that referred to the "quarrel" later that night.
His last text message to bowler's phone was sent at 11: 00.
The trial was told that he was outside the apartment at twenty-three o'clock P. M.
Both bowler and Connor denied the charges against them.
The trial continues.
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