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firefighter home after suffering burns in house blaze - protective plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-03
firefighter home after suffering burns in house blaze  -  protective plastic film
This month, a Stratford volunteer firefighter was recuperating at home after being burned by a house fire.
Lee Rogers said he was happy to be able to go home with his wife and children after a few days in Hamilton's professional burn department, adding that the care he was given was "excellent"
Rogers said that the four o'clock A. M. mark on December 1 was the same as other marks.
Firefighters were told someone might be in the house, so Rogers and another fireman used a hose to cross the front door.
"We got in, but soon I gave the order to quit, it was so hot there.
Rogers continued to save the fire outside and didn't realize he was burned until he took off his protective gear.
"Until then, adrenaline can keep you moving and keep you focused.
So, I felt the intense heat when we went in, but I didn't realize that I was actually scalded by it.
"The ambulance personnel who had been on the scene checked him and sent him to the Taranaki Base Hospital.
"When they were burned in the bagplastic film]
Pain hit in the ambulance.
I can't even put up with the weight of the package on my skin, which feels bad.
"When Rogers was taken to the hospital, his wife, Catherine, woke up and heard the knock of vice fire chief Kawan Lao.
"I was wondering why he was at my door, but when I started to realize what that might mean, he started talking and immediately assured me that Lee was okay but hurt.
Kathryn Rogers said that it wasn't until after Lee came home from the burn department that huge things could have happened that hit her.
"You start to realize that life can change in a few seconds.
"From the Taranaki Base, Lee was transferred to the professional burn department in Hamilton because he had a 12-cent burn on him.
Catherine Rogers, after arranging for her sister to take care of their children;
14-year-old Jordan and 8-year-old twins Abby and Madison drove to Waikato to meet Lee at the hospital there.
Mad Dyson and Abby said it was hard to go to school that day knowing their dad was hurt, especially mad Dyson said because they had a different teacher that day.
So everything is different.
The accident also means their mom missed their rally, Abby said.
"It's good to have a dad at home so everything can return to normal.
"The apparent burns on her father's arms and hands made mad Sen" crazy ", she said ".
"He was burned and still hurt and I felt sad and angry.
"Rogers has not returned to Fonterra's team manager position.
"It's frustrating that I can't do a lot of things.
I don't feel at my fingertips, they have open wounds on them, so I can't type, use a computer or anything.
Even with the use of tableware, more effort is needed.
You have to really concentrate because you can't just feel it in your hands.
Catherine and Lee Rogers spoke highly of the support they received from the fire brigade and the community.
"My phone is full of text messages from everyone and I have to start deleting them because the phone can't cope with it," said Lee Rogers . ".
He said that people also approached him and told him that they had asked him to pray, or had been thinking about him and his family.
"It really means a lot.
"The Seyton St fire is still under investigation.
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