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five surprising ways holograms are revolutionising the world - holographic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-07
five surprising ways holograms are revolutionising the world  -  holographic sheet
We seem to be fascinated by the holographic images, or at least the promise of what they can do.
The famous Princess Leia projection in Star Wars
Holographic fashion shows in New York, Hamburg and Beijing;
Synthetic pop star Hatsune Miku's great success in Japan, or recent reports from French holographic politicians.
Technically, all of this is a false representation of holographic photography-whether it's a special movie effect, a video projection on water and smoke, or hi-
This is an ancient stage magic in the Victorian era, called the ghost of pepper ".
But it's a big business.
It is suggested that by 2020, the market value of real display holographic images will reach $5.
5 billion-so how do they affect society?
Here are the five most incredible ways they are using. 1.
Geographic Intelligence of military maps is an important part of military strategy, and full-dimensional holographic images are being used to improve the level of reconnaissance.
More than 13,000 3D holographic maps have been delivered by an American company.
The "space" of the US military ".
This allows the soldiers to see three.
Dimension the terrain, take a look at the corners around and help with the task training.
The company does this by making complex computer image data into a holographic film.
Users can not only "View" high-quality 3D images of the terrain stored in the holographic map, but also the technology is simple to use and can be rolled up for easy storage and transportation.
It all sounds like Star Wars, but maps are also useful in disaster evacuation and rescue scenarios.
Accurate 3D holographic images capable of "unfolding" new shapes clearly offer strategic advantages, but this technique is often also applicable to a wider society.
Maybe at some point we can expect a flexible 3D Google map. 2.
We now generate a lot of data.
Increase in digital storage capacity (
Every year, we have the never-satisfying desire to store data and keep it for a lifetime.
Think about your own computer and the hundreds of gigabytes of information it can store, from home photos to videos and documents.
Now consider that your storage disc-and the storage disc of others-is damaged, and the huge losses that result.
Given the recent attacks on WannaCry ransomware, which have affected 150 countries, everything is very timely.
The holographic image is very real because the recording procedure stores all the information about the light reflected by the recorded object.
This is a lot of information.
But holographic photography does not need to record information about a visual object, and they can also record its pure data, pages, and pages.
This means that holographic photography may store an incredible amount of information.
The prototype system can not only store 4.
There are 4 m separate information pages on a disc similar to the DVD, but they provide a long time
Safety is also a term.
For example, if you make an optical hologram of a page of information and break it, you can rebuild it from any piece.
This makes holographic data storage very reliable.
Unlike CDs and DVDs that store data on the surface of the disc, holographic photography stores the data in 3D space, and these pages can overlap in storage space.
For more than 50 years, researchers have been proposing the possibility of holographic data storage, and it seems that they are getting closer and closer to an available system.
In fact, as computing begins to be based on light (photons)
Not electricity (electrons)
Holographic storage may one day be the preferred storage solution. 3.
Medical Holographic can also revolutionize medicine as a tool to visualize patient data while training students and surgeons.
Many medical systems use advanced imaging techniques to generate complex data, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
And an ultrasound scan.
Usually, electronic information is used to display flat images on a computer screen, but it can also be used to produce full-color computers
Generated 3D holographic images.
A company in Scotland has successfully used this data to produce 3D images for training and presentation.
Like all "real" holographic photography, the advantage here is that special viewing equipment or glasses are not required.
Students and doctors can simply "see" and see three without hindrance
Size image.
Storing several different images in the same hologram means that the viewer can move around the display, allowing them to check for different organs or body parts.
To date, the company has produced 3D holographic images of structures including the brain, liver, lungs, heart, bones, vascular systems, nerves and muscles.
This seems to be the content of science fiction, but now the business industry around these technologies is growing rapidly. 4.
Fraud and Security holographic is a complex optical device that is difficult to manufacture, which gives them an incredible advantage in the commercial security market.
You may have a safety holographic picture in your pocket right now.
The silver rectangle of the pigeon on your credit card is white. light, mirror-
Transmit hologram.
It shows a three.
The size image that is visible when you move from one side to the other, and when you tilt the card up and down, it changes the color.
It is very easy to make on a large scale, but forging is also very difficult.
Bank notes also support the use of secure holographic images.
The reflective stripes on the new British polymer £ 5 banknote contain images of Big Ben and use holographic photography to produce a set of changed colors while reclining the banknote, as well as 3D images of the crowned crown, you can see "floating" on it ".
If you like wine and want to be sure you're drinking "Real Deals", South African winemakers also add holographic labels to their bottles to reassure buyers, they have vintage wines in their bottles, not fake ones that are not very tasty. 5.
ArtArtists began to participate in holographic photography almost after it became an actual optical process.
In the UK, the "mother" of creative holographic in the UK, Margaret benión, managed to obtain complex and expensive holographic recording equipment as early as 1968, with an art scholarship in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nottingham.
Much of what she found there laid the foundation for her interest in critical discussions around the process and the use of its artists.
She finally submitted a doctoral thesis, questioning and investigating "holographic art.
Across the world, there are Pioneer Artists using three-
The opportunity to record the dimensions of the holographic image bending and cutting space;
Objects that construct multiple visual entities in the same volume;
Combine a collection of still images or videos to make animated 3D works and carve pure light.
Recently, a creative holographic exhibition was held in central London;
At present, a group of international artists are contributing to the exhibition held in Long Island, New York this summer;
In June, artists from Italy, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States were selected to attend an exhibition in Santa Fe, New Mexico, using holographic photography and media art.
During the 2018 period, an academic seminar will be held in Portugal for artists and scientists to discuss the progress of holographic art and technology.
We think that holographic photography is something that jumps out of the eye, but a lot of work and research is actually going on quietly in laboratories and studios around the world.
More importantly, these applications are changing lives, saving lives, and stimulating discussions of creativity and intelligence.
The future is bright, and the future may be just holographic.
The article was originally published in the dialogue.
Read the original text.
Andrew Pepper works/consults for the 286 Gallery website and is one of the exhibition artists in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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