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fix your own laserjet printer fuser problem - mylar plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-25
fix your own laserjet printer fuser problem  -  mylar plastic film
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Your laserjet fuser film may break.
HP LaserJet uses mylar tubes during fuser fixing.
The tube is very strong but often breaks after years of use.
Unfortunately, the tubes are installed in the depths of the printer.
The replacement cost is quite low, but the cost of installing a new one is very high.
Fortunately, the person of Fixyourownprinter.
Com has come up with an easy-to-follow video guide that shows you how to replace mylar movies.
The video comes with a kit with a replacement film and some essential grease.
More than 100 million HP LaserJet printers have been shipped to users around the world.
Since its launch in 1984, these machines have provided reliable printing.
Based on the Canon laser printer engine, LaserJet has become the main model of laser printer.
They were able to print out high-quality text files from the start.
Because the print cartridge contains many sensitive parts, many complex parts are replaced when new cartridges are installed.
Of course, there are still quite a few parts that have never been replaced.
Most of them have been able to serve well for many years.
Even the film is a long-standing part.
However, it works in harsh environments and is only made of thin materials.
The film can be completely separated, and small pieces can be put.
Usually, when you look inside the printer, you will find a small part of the fuser film.
You can also tell you that you are in trouble when your printer starts to wrinkle paper.
The video Fix guide tells you how to start the fuser movie fix.
The plastic box must be removed first.
There are many screws that hold it together.
The tour guide showed the location of all of them very well.
It also shows some tips that help when performing a fix.
Certain screws are accessible only when the part rotates correctly.
No help, it's a little hard for others to find.
The video also provides plenty of warnings to help avoid lengthy steps during installation.
Nevertheless, the repairman in the video actually slipped and removed the key parts during the repair process.
He was forced to perform many steps to recover from his earlier mistakes.
This allows the audience to see how to do the same thing if they encounter the same problem.
It also highlights how important it is to avoid making the same mistakes.
With the help of the video, the recent fuser movie fix was successfully completed in about 1 minute.
Work for 5 hours without prior knowledge of the inside of the printer.
The old movie was removed and a large piece was found missing.
The new fuser movie was installed according to the video guide instructions.
No spare parts left.
The instructions provided are very accurate.
However, the final installation of the drive gear is much more difficult than shown in the video description.
The printer chassis is very complex and it can be tricky to get everything aligned.
However, there is only one way to assemble it, so during the reassembly process, by careful positioning of the unit, the chassis is stuck together when everything is aligned.
After the steps in the repair guide are completed, the printer is on.
The final Test Page was perfect without any folds.
The LaserJet 1300 has creases at the bottom of each page.
This printer is 6 years old and has never had any problems.
The film costs about $35 for repairs.
With the maintenance going on, good service is expected to be provided over the years to come.
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