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fixing city trash bins is like spitting into the wind: the fixer - plastic panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-06
fixing city trash bins is like spitting into the wind: the fixer  -  plastic panels
This happens when something is not worth fixing.
We may have arrived there with the city's garbage and recycling bins.
Anyone who reads this column regularly knows that we came to the conclusion a long time ago that the curved plastic containers were a fiasco in their quest, no better than the garbage that went into them.
They are, in theory, great;
Beautifully designed, there is a small door on the waste hole opened by stepping down the pedal to prevent people from having to touch nasty things
There are sticky flaps at the opening.
But from day one, the flaps became a problem.
The wires that attach them to the pedals extend all the way to the door not to open, while the pedals that step on a lot of feet inevitably break.
Recently, the plastic plates have been loose and even come off, making the bins that still work properly look more funky.
One thing is for sure: the more use they get, the more sure they will crash, this may explain why some people have been quietly replaced with simple square containers without flaps or pedals.
This may also be the reason why the Astral Out Home is not entirely Johnny, and the Astral Out Home offers bins in exchange for the right to sell street furniture adson-the-
About fixing their spot.
If it weren't for Rosemary charryton's persuasive request
"I never missed reading your column.
Now it's my turn to help "-
We will not bother to fix another socket.
What's the point when every second of trash can seems to be broken?
"It's been more than four months since I first called 311 and asked about a broken recycling station on the sidewalk," Jane Street, East Side.
North of Wilson Avenue.
"I have called four times.
Every time someone tells me this is another department that is in charge of looking after these bins, but they pass on the message.
"On the last call more than two months ago, when the information was provided to another department, I was actually with 311.
People on the other line say they will deal with it.
"Status: since it was not handled on Monday, we sent a note to Ryan Lanyon, who is in charge of city street furniture.
He said by email that Astral will be asked to fix it as soon as possible.
He then sent us a picture of the bin showing a side panel that has been rocking in the wind and won't close and is now reconnecting.
What's broken near your house?
No matter where you are in Greater Toronto, we want to know.
Send an email to jlakey @ thestar. ca .
Report issues and follow us on Twitter @ TOStarFixer.
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