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flat or lower resin prices--except for ps, pvc: lower prices of feedstocks, slowed demand, record-high inventories, and lower-priced imports impacted resin prices. - polycarbonate plastic price

by:Cailong     2019-08-21
flat or lower resin prices--except for ps, pvc: lower prices of feedstocks, slowed demand, record-high inventories, and lower-priced imports impacted resin prices.  -  polycarbonate plastic price
In the first quarter, prices of almost all quantities of goods came to an end ---
Including engineering types-
The trend from flat to falling.
The exception is PVC and PS: PVC prices rose a bit after flat for several consecutive months, but the newly announced success of the rise seems to be risky.
Ps may be the real "maverick", increased last month due to the cost drive from raw materials, and will increase more this month.
These are the opinions of purchasing consultants from resin technology companies. (RTi)
Senior Editor of PetroChemWire (PCW)
Michael Greenberg, CEO, plastic exchange
As suppliers were unable to push the 3 cents/pound increase, PE prices did not change in February.
They posted an additional 3 cent increase in the third quarter, and according to ti's v. Mike Burns, they did not officially comment on the fate of this increasep. of PEmarkets.
Industry sources doubt there will be any change in the price of the March contract.
Greenberg of the plastic exchange said, "another attempt was to implement a price increase in the third quarter, and now the average price seems to be around 3 cents/lb, but can it actually stick to it?
"The Burns of rrti are expecting a strong push for this growth from suppliers.
He pointed out that the rise in oil prices may support this effort.
Barry of PCW added, "exports have fallen and supplier inventory has increased.
I think it will be the same for March.
We do not see market dynamics that support growth.
"China's tariffs may affect domestic and export demand.
Burns noted that spot prices failed to rise in February despite the huge efforts of suppliers. Some off-
The price of LLDPE resin is lower than December-
It was as low as 42 cents/pound at the end of February.
Spot prices have weakened, Barry noted. -
Average 2 cents per pound, $10/pound lower than the contract price.
Greenbergreport said, "spot PE prices have fallen sharply over the past six months, and there is no contract at all.
There is still a big discount for the new spot railcar, and we think the gap needs to be narrowed in the end.
He pointed out that the rapid correction is clearly not imminent due to the failure of spot prices to rebound.
PP prices fell polypropylene prices fell 1.
At $5/lb in step with propylene monomer, industry insiders believe this is lower than the record-proof --
High inventory and low demand.
Spot unit prices fell to $32/lb. p.
He said he would not be surprised to see the PP market fall to a low in his 20 s.
PP and monomer have always been the market for abuyer and he said it is difficult to judge when PP prices will meet the bottom.
"There are many stocks of single and PP
Record four years later
The growth of the month, demand did not return to the expected level.
"Newwell boldly said that the price of the single and PP of March will drop by 4-
6 cents/pound, according to the decline, may fall further this month.
"We see a erosion in the profits of our suppliers and offer discounts to increase sales.
"Barry of PCW thinks the forecast is a bit too pessimistic, but predicts that the price of pp will drop by 2-3 cents/lb.
Both sources also expect PP demand to resume in the first quarter.
In the early days, Greenberg of the plastic exchange reported seeing the normal flow of the resin and the occasional flow --
Prime railcar pricing.
But he described the spot PP demand as soft demand, as the processor expects March to decline again.
"The price of polypropylene has dropped sharply over the past few months and the processor is enjoying savings.
But since the market is still negative, we haven't seen a massive restructuring yet.
"Barry of PCW reports that there is enough PPprime in the secondary market with orders of 2-4 cents/lb.
PS prices rose, the price of polystyrene rose 2-
After a total decline of 9i/lb at the end of January, it was 4 cents/pound in the third quarter.
White Ray and Robin Cheshire from PCW. p.
In the PE, PS and Nylon 6 markets, it is considered that the rise of $2/lb is more realistic, both of which are expected to rise this month.
According to Chesshier, the price of raw materials has risen by a net1 in total.
Through early March, the input value of 5 cents/pound supports an increase at the low end of the proposed range.
She pointed out that although the contract price of ethylene monomer decreased slightly, the price of benzene, styrene monomer and Ding benzene reversed.
Chesshier saw a further increase in PS this month, mainly due to an increase in raw material costs, but also supported by the expected strong seasonal demand for PS, which began in April.
On the other hand, Barry predicted that PSprices would be flat to slightly higher.
Supply/demand is usually balanced and production capacity is only 70 percentage points.
These sources said that the import of PS resin, which is very attractive in price, has flowed into the market and the export of styrene monomer has also flowed out in large quantities.
PVC prices rose slightly, PVC prices seem to have risen 1-
After holding for the third consecutive month, it was 2 cents/pound in February.
According to Donna Todd and Mark Calman, senior editor of PCW, although the supplier's goal is to achieve the remainder of the 4 cents/pound price increase, March's price is still flatp.
PVC and engineering resin market.
In terms of this month, Kallman boldly said that the price will be flat to 1-
If the demand increases by $2/lb as we enter the construction season.
Todd reports that the supplier is considering 2-
3 cents/lbincrease on April 1, although not confirmed at the press conference.
The two sources noted that, after PVC prices rose along their own tracks, there was not much support due to lower ethylene and chlorine prices, lower export prices and weak global demand, partly hampered by bad weather, pet prices have reduced the price of domestic bottles
PET and imported materials are rated 62-as of February-
According to the PCW senior editor, Xavier Cronin, 64 I/lb, on the basis of the railroad delivered in the Midwest, has remained stable since that month.
According to a pet dealer, in the first quarter, Cronin reported that there was an excessive supply of imported pets at California ports, while demand was "still well below normal ". "The U. S.
"For Pets produced around the world, this is still an attractive destination because domestic pet prices are higher than in most other regions," says Cronin . ".
He boldly said that pet prices would drop by at least 2-in the third quarter-
3 cents per pound due to sluggish demand and a surge in imports.
At the same time, global PET raw material cost-PTA and MEG--
The price of hydrocarbons rose in February.
If imports continue to be strong this month and demand for thermoforming does not peak in the medium term, pet prices may fall below 60 cents/lb.
Said Cronin on the adventure.
ABS prices fell to January later in the fourth quarter
After a sharp drop in raw material costs, $6 per pound.
According to Kallman of rrti, while the prices were flat in February and are expected to be flat this month.
Any growth in April will be driven by an increase in the cost of benzene, acrylic and benzene.
While the market is characterized by balance, demand for absenteeism will not pick up until the second half of the year.
In addition, there are a lot of low
Cost imports are still available, says Kallman, which helps to keep prices down.
PC prices dropped in late fourth.
At the beginning of 2019, the supplier gave 8-
According to Kallman of rrti, the new contract is 10 I/lb as above.
This greatly reduces the price increase of up to $14/lb implemented for the first time. quarter 2018.
Prices did not change on February and 3, and Kallman's prices continued to be flat this month.
"The pressure on the cost of raw materials has been increasing, the market supply is very sufficient, and there are a lot of opportunities to reduce. cost imports.
Due to the influx of low-level people, the market has moved from balance to oversupply.
He said: "The price of imported goods in Asia is reasonable and the domestic supply is sufficient . "
According to ti's Chesshier, nylon 6, 66 was basically flat in January, but the price dropped slightly because the supplier offered some small price concessions but did not have a full offer.
Prices remained unchanged even in February.
However, she pointed out that if the contract price of benzene and hexamide increases, plus the price of European nylon 6 increases, the price of nylon 6 may also rise this month.
Seasonal demand-
From textiles to cars-
"This year has been delayed, but it is likely to end in the second quarter," said Chesshier . ".
The price of nylon 66 was basically flat in the first quarter, following a 2018-month increase-
40i/lb driven by global supply of intermediate chemicals.
Kallman of rrti pointed out that a forcemajeure of Ascend Performance Materials will end last month.
A series of turnaround planned in the intermediates last month is expected to help sustain tension during the year.
However, the slowdown in 66 car markets in New York and Asia will help ease supply after these disruptions.
He boldly said that the price of nylon 66 in April is likely to remain unchanged, as suppliers increased their profit margin by about 10 cents/lb in the first quarter by reducing the cost of raw materials.
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