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flying car cleared for highway use - polycarbonate material

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
flying car cleared for highway use  -  polycarbonate material
The first flying car was a step closer to taxiing and then driving into the market.
June 30, a transitional Road aircraft that can be used as a car
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has granted a series of special exemptions that allow cars to operate in the air and on roads.
So, what are the special exemptions for "flying aircraft (best name ever)need?
One is a special window.
Regular Laminated Car safety glass is too heavy when transitioning in the air, and there is always the danger that a bird will break it. (Dang birds! )
The transition will use a polycarbonate material that is less easily broken than a glass window.
NHTSA also signed an agreement to use special tires.
It all sounds exciting.
Fi, to some extent-
The car is indeed flying.
But it's actually more of a plane that can fly on the road than a car that can fly in the air.
We're not in Gitzo-land yet.
The transition conducted its first test flight/driving in 2009 (
Watch the video above)
Tyra Fujia company
The company that is developing aircraft-
The company said it plans to go public by the end of 2012.
When cars start selling, consumers can expect to pay $250,000 to sustain the future.
Related report: Southern California has played an important role in space shuttle technology. the attraction of space shuttle has cultivated different types of astronauts. -
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