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for the adrenaline junkie and the serious super sports car fan - transparent polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-08
for the adrenaline junkie and the serious super sports car fan  -  transparent polycarbonate
Musilago is a sign of the Lamborghini brand.
Widely regarded as the best sports car from Bologna
This is an Italian brand with threatening and brutal power.
Its unique design exudes the highest form of highly concentrated senses.
According to Lamborghini's tradition of launching many limited edition versions of previous models, Lamborghini also launched the super version of murcielago in 2009.
Lamborghini murcielago LP 670-
4 SuperVeloce has now been launched in India by exclusive car companies.
Further improve the features of murci é lago, LP 670-
4 SuperVeloce is a more extreme and pure peak in the model series.
From the first look at the front end it completely redesigned-pull forward and finish with matte black paint, it is clear that the carbon fiber front spoiler is connected to the front end --
End by two vertical elements.
Whether in terms of design or pure performance, this limited edition murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce (
Limited to 350 units)
It is said to be one of the most extreme supercars ever.
It is stronger, lighter and faster than murcielago LP 640.
Output with the same 6.
V 12 rose to 670 BHP Billiton (
BHP Billiton 640 from murci é lago)
And 100 weight reduction, murcielago LP 670-
Power of the month SuperVeloceto-
Weight ratio 2. 3 kgs per hp.
All these forces bounce it from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in the amazing 3.
2 seconds and open it at about 342 km/h.
In order to achieve a large weight loss of 100 (220 lbs)
Murcielago LP 670-
SuperVeloce has done a lot of rework and redevelopment.
The increase in engine output from 640 hp to 670 HP is the result of optimizing valve timing and rework the intake system.
In addition, with a significant increase in the lower pressure, significantly improved aerodynamics has brought considerable improvements to vehicle stability at very high speeds.
Small standards-
The rear spoiler is installed with a maximum speed of 342 km/h, while the large "aeropack wing" and its additional lower pressure make it a maximum speed of 337 km/h.
The design and the large air intake of the air-powered preschool Harrow are more strongly emphasized.
The new front fender has an additional air inlet for braking ventilation.
Vent for oil cooler located in driver-
The side window sill area is painted in matte black that matches the window sill.
Around the powerful engine compartment of murci élago LP 670, the modification is more obvious4 SuperVeloce. The twelve-
The cylinder engine is shown as an engineering masterpiece under the transparent engine hood, which boasts a brand new building.
Hexagonal polymer plates made of transparent polycarbonate are set at three levels within the carbon fiber frame.
The layer is open to the back and plays a key role in thermodynamics at high temperatures
Performance engine.
SuperVeloce's impressive back end is occupied by a very noble, flat and very wide exhaust tail tube, below, by one or two
A horizontal diffuser system complete with carbon fiber.
After the Light Group with a unique Y-
Since murcielago LP 640, Reventón, and Gallardo LP 560, the shape has always been a fixed element of the Lamborghini design-4.
By thick-
The hexagonal pattern is laser.
The cutting and Teflon coating provides the necessary thermal protection.
Aerodynamics of Murcielago LP 670-
Completely redeveloped.
In addition to the expanded front spoiler and the double rear diffuser, the new fixed rear spoiler also plays an important role.
Customers can choose between the two versions, and the small rear spoiler provides better lower pressure at high speeds.
As an option, murcielago LP 670-
4 SuperVeloce can provide "aeropack wing"-a large, fixed carbon --
Fiber wing mounted on two carbonfibre brackets.
The structure of this super car is a composite structure consisting of extremely hard carbon components and tubular steel frames like racing cars.
Power devices and transmission devices installed vertically 6.
V 12 offers 670 BHP Billiton (493 kW)
Power in the hands of the driver.
Engine in Murci é lago LP 670-
4 SuperVeloce is 30 hp stronger than murcielago LP 640. The twelve-
The cylinder transmits its powerful 660 Nm torque to the crankshaft at a speed of 6,500 rpm;
Maximum power up to 8,000 rpm.
V12 is eager to provide performance after only 3 times.
In 2 seconds, the super speed has reached 100 kilometers per hour.
Four chains of the engine
The drive Cam is variable-controlled, while the intake manifold runs in three stages-both techniques add more thrust to the relentless push.
In order to improve the performance of the super engine, the intake system was modified, the valve mechanism was optimized, and the most important thing was to increase the valve stroke.
If the engine requires more cold air, the intake funnel will appear from the rear column: they will be flush with the body shell when not working.
The weight of the engine area is reduced by more than 26 kilograms, mainly from the new exhaust system.
But most importantly, the new exhaust system brings an acoustic experience-from the rumbling of stormy nights to the roar of elephants, then the roaring sound of the fierce lion superVeloce performs a big opera for 12 cylinders, 48 valves and 8,000 rpm.
SuperVeloce is equipped as standard with automatic manual transmission e in sequence.
Gears using electronic equipment
The hydraulic system shifts very quickly and smoothly.
The cockpit display informs the driver of the gear currently in use.
In addition, special "corsa" mode and "low adher" mode are provided.
There are six SuperVeloce-
Speed manual transmission.
Of these two variants, the new light clutch has made its own contribution to the weight loss program.
It transmits its extreme power to the road with great reliability-with its permanent full guarantee --wheel drive.
Before the rear wheel rotates, the viscous coupling sends up to 35 driving forces through its additional axial front wheels.
Front and rear limit-
The slip difference is set at 25 and 45 respectively.
The weight of the rear Bridge accounts for 58 of its total weight-a distribution ratio that is very beneficial to traction.
Four brakes controlled by hi
The technical ABS system is able to provide powerful downtime when needed.
The carbon ceramic brake comes to the fan by cooling the air through the expanded channel in the body housing, while the opening on the front fender provides extra ventilation for the Superbike.
Ceramic discs are especially light and faded
Free and extremely high operating performance.
Enter the interior and equipment of murcielago LP 670-
This is a special experience. The upward-
Open the door-Lamborghini's solution developed for the country in its early 70 s-was released through small latches.
The main interior materials are Alcantara and carbon fiber, creating a high and eco-friendly atmosphere
Quality and sports.
The sports barrel seat is standard and provides very firm support on the hips and shoulders.
The standard seats of Murci élago are also available for free on SuperVeloce. The Y-
The shape of the holes on the seat and roof liner brings additional tips, and the inlaid backing material is the same color as the exterior paint.
The interior also contributed to the weight reduction.
The door panel and the wide central tunnel are covered with carbon fiber.
The application of Alcantara in place of leather is another weight --
Just like the choice of the sports bucket seat and the omission of the radio --
Navigation system (
This is an option if needed).
At the end of the day, murci é lago's music came from the engine compartment.
Overall, the internal modifications contributed more than 34 kilograms to the SuperVeloce weight loss program.
With its excellent performance, razor
High precision and Excellence
Stable speed, Lamborghini murcielago LP 670-
4 SuperVeloce is the ultimate performance car for advanced sports car drivers.
This limited edition is available on an exclusive car.
Showroom price for Rs 3. 6 crore.
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