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four men charged over fatal new year’s eve crash that saw a people carrier plough into two young cousins in oldham - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-05
four men charged over fatal new year’s eve crash that saw a people carrier plough into two young cousins in oldham  -  black plastic sheeting
Two young cousins were killed in a terrible crash in Oldham on New Year's Eve, and four men were charged.
The group was accused of finding a dark blue Peugeot 807 missing rear window abandoned after a suspicious accidentand-
Run collision on Saturday night.
The 11-year-old Zaneta Krokova was 12-year-
When the car crashed into them on Ashton Road, Old Cusina koollova.
Two days later, heleta died at the hospital and Helina died at the scene.
The men were questioned by the police, one of whom was accused of dangerous driving leading to death, and three others were accused of conspiring to sabotage the judicial process.
The suspect was arrested on Sunday. A 23-year-
Old was also arrested but later released without charge.
The allegations were made after police investigations led to the discovery of the dirty man carrier who smashed the girl.
On Honeywell Lane in Oldham, the car was found to replace the boot window with a black plastic cloth.
The 38-year-old olhegedu was charged with two counts of dangerous driving, conspiracy to obstruct justice, driving without a license to cause death, failing to stop after the collision, and failing to report the collision.
18-year-old David Ossos, 50-year-old JanosKalanyos and 51-year-old Zoltan Peto are also from Oldham, who are accused of conspiring to undermine justice.
They are pending trial and will appear in the Tameside Magistrate's Court this afternoon.
The two victims are said to be holding hands in front of the family's New Year's Eve party as they cross from a store near their home.
Hailina's mother Sylvia and father Robert arrived at the scene, but when her upset mother stroked her hair, the doctor announced that she had died.
Zaneta was rushed to hospital all his life.
The danger of her death on Monday morning.
Sergeant Lee Westhead of the GMP Serious Crash Investigation Department said: "This is a heart --
Now that the major events that have taken the lives of two young girls, all of our thoughts remain with their families, it is understandable that they are destroyed.
"Anyone with information is required to call the serious collision investigation unit, which is 0161 856 4741, citing the incident 1691 of December 31, 2016.
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