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four top methods for applying rhinestones - heat transfer printing film

by:Cailong     2019-07-19
four top methods for applying rhinestones  -  heat transfer printing film
At present, hot repair film transfer is a very popular product.
At the craft store, you will find that the rhinestones have been set up in the heart shape, angel wings and more designs.
You just take them home, remove the backing, and iron the design on your favorite shirt, jeans, or any item that can withstand the heat of the iron.
Both artisans and designers are in great need of blank hot repair transfer film, which can be bought on separate paper and reels, and is a handy tool to use when creating your own designs with hot repair rhinestones.
It works roughly the same way as prefabricated items, but it's up to you to put the stone on the movie.
Place your stones on a sticky surface and you can bring the whole design to the ironing board without moving them and stick them to the fabric step by step.
You usually find the best price for the movie on eBay. 1 -
Hot solid iron-
In the movie, first find the design you like, make the diamond design on the transfer film.
Maybe it's something you see online, maybe it's something you created yourself.
If you haven't decided yet, the design of the rhinestones sold online will give you a lot of inspiration.
But if you start from scratch and know something about Photoshop or similar programs, instead of drawing designs with lines, create more accurate templates using circles of the same size as stone.
Cut a square transfer film to suit the size of your design, so that all parties can get a good profit.
Mark the vertical center of the design and place the transfer square on it.
Mark the center of the movie as a match.
Work on a hard and flat surface.
Separate the backing from the transfer film.
Stick the film to the design that matches the center line.
Tape the edges of the movie with a painter.
More difficult to remove after transparent tape.
Place a rhinestones adhesive using tweezers or pickups tool-
On the side of the design.
Use the sticky end of the tool to lift up the rhinestones and The Edge tool to help remove the stone and press it on the film.
If your design is made up of circles, start at the center and work to the outside edge.
With the line chart, you need to follow the outline first and then fill it in.
When all the stones are in place, take the finished work to the ironing board.
If the design needs to be centered, press the slight crease in the center of the fabric.
Match it to the center line on the film and keep it smooth.
Place a hard piece of cardboard under the single layer fabric that appears in the design.
Cover the surface with a lightweight protective cloth and press the iron to release the adhesive for hot fixing the rhinestones.
Carefully peel off the film when the project cools.
In order to increase the insurance, the back of the fabric should also be ironed. 2 -
Not all apps allow you to use an iron.
Sometimes the forbidden factor is the surface, and sometimes it's just a problem of not being able to put an iron into a weird space.
Small irons can be used in small spaces in craft shops, but when the iron can't work, the rhinestones applicator is the right tool. Shop around.
Artificial diamonds can vary in price.
The stone can be attached to the heat fixing transfer film as described above, and then attached to the surface by touching the tool to each individual stone.
If you do not have a transfer film, you need to mark the surface with your design, freehand.
The best way to do this is to draw with dots instead of complete lines.
Other options include: make the template from the design using lines as wide as the rhinestones.
For example, if you are creating words, make the strokes of each letter wide enough so that when the letters are cut off, the stones are arranged in that space.
Print your design on paper, use it as a template by poking holes in paper, clicking on each hole with a pen or marker pen.
Follow your mark and then you can set each individual stone with a heating applicator.
The drill applicator has a wide range of tricks to fit stones of different sizes.
Use the tool to pick up the drill, then set it on the design and keep it in place when the heat melts the hot fix adhesive. 3 -
Before hot fixing the stone and the transfer film, apply glue on the rhinestones, glue is the way to apply the rhinestones.
Although the labor intensity is greater than using the transfer film, this is still a good choice for some applications.
Just like the drill application tool, you first need to create your design on the surface.
If you apply glue to the bottom of the rhinestones, the pickups tool is especially valuable.
When you apply glue to the bottom, this tool allows you to hold the stone.
To use glue, fill a small container with jewelry glue, just like Aleene's "jewelry"It”.
The glue is clean and machine washed.
Rub the tip of the pencil with glue and touch to the bottom of the drill to transfer the glue.
Only a small amount of glue is used for each stone, or when you press it in place, it will spread out of the gem boundary. 4 -
Silhouette SD drill software silhouette SD digital steel mesh cutting machine is not an affordable option for everyone.
But if you're curious, here's how it works with the rhinestones.
To create your own rhinestones design, you must upgrade from the standard silhouette software.
Then you can select pre-
Make a design from a silhouette library, or you can create it yourself.
Drawing your design on the screen, the machine converts the lines into circles that match the size of the stone you want to use.
Adjusting the size of the design, the software automatically recalculates the number of stones needed and even displays this number at the bottom of the page.
If you are using a variety of stone colors, you can also choose to specify the color for the circle so you can see the look of the finished design.
The drill template is backed on a special piece of paper.
Using the tools provided by Silhouette, you can brush the stone into the hole.
The depth of the hole helps to maintain the position of the stone.
Not every stone will be brushed in place, but most of them will be brushed in place, which makes it much easier to place the stone in a large design than to handle each piece.
Then press the transfer film on the stone, lift it from the back, ready to be ironed onto your fabric.
This system allows any project to work quickly.
You can find the price of Silhouette template cutter and rhinestones kit on the website of Silhouette America.
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