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Fracture: Review - transparent plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-11
Fracture: Review  -  transparent plastic sheet
Westbury Theater loves the first stage of women's dance.
I don't know if it's a motor ability or an evil hairstyle, or a passionate way for them to paint the story with their bodies, but I can look at their barefoot funkarama. DAY. LONG.
It's worth a visit to Fracture, a show of two original pieces of the interpretation dance troupe.
The show starts with two creatures curled up like a fetus under a clear plastic drip covering the entire stage.
With the help of the under-stage fan, as the creatures below live, the embryos, aliens, and plastics begin to rattle
Like, women but weird, find their way into the light, Unite, split, fear, fight.
The music is incredible and I find myself scared, fascinated, hopeful and desperate in polyethylene pasde-
Deux featuring Ansley Hill field and Alida naiquest-Schultz. Nyquist-
Schulz and Alison KOs and Kate stashko returned together, the second shorter number, Pod, based on the concept of an organism splitting into different entities.
Dance takes you on a real journey through the human condition: unity, ruthlessness, anger, determination, pain, helplessness, exhaustion, surprise.
For a moment I chew my nails nervously, for a while I want to cheer like crazy football fans, and for a while I'm elated and trying to suppress giggle.
Sound effects-
Dancers break the glass, Jingle metal, rhythmic stom feet and slaps --
This sensory experience is enhanced.
I know, I know, there are people who don't like to explain the dance, but if you are that kind of person, I strongly recommend that you question that aversion and consider making the form work again.
Our dancers are from Edmonton, broken bones are inspiring, disturbing, thoughtful and even better. Buy local.
Stage 01-Westbury Theatre-ATB villalgood women's dance collection two original works of outstanding women's show;
Both are exploring different fracture states.
Shatterstate investigates how the reconnection to a specific state can lead to disconnection as the dancer physically describes the four visual experiences.
Pod reveals the dynamic journey of a creature splitting into two separate entities.
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