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Fran Power: 15 tips to help you have a plastic-free Christmas - food packaging film

by:Cailong     2019-07-18
Fran Power: 15 tips to help you have a plastic-free Christmas  -  food packaging film
Ah, Christmas.
It was a time of joy, gifts, parties and some legendary Irish hospitality.
Unfortunately, many cheers have been wrapped up these days --or made of -plastic.
In fact, we are currently the largest producer of plastic waste in Europe at £ 61 kg per person.
Mindy O'Brien of the company says it's enough to have 25 baths per person per year
Coordinator of the sick plastic movement.
With this in mind, here are some tips to reduce your plastic footprint this Christmas. "Buy real.
Said Mindy O'Brien.
There is more than one way artificial trees are forever trees.
Made of metal, non
Recycled plastic and oil
Many products are shipped from China.
Their average life span at home is five to seven years, and then they spend centuries at landfill sites.
On the other hand, real things absorb a lot of carbon dioxide during growth and produce a lot of oxygen (an acre of Christmas trees provides enough oxygen for 16 people ).
After that, the local council can recycle it into wood chips, coverings, or compost.
Alternatively, buy a potted tree that can stay outside for the other 11 months of the year and is ideal for an apartment or small space.
Or grow yourself.
Although you may be a little late this year. From about €25;
Try limerickchristmastrees.
Com or johnstowingardencentre. ieA chalk-
The tree on the blackboard, the cardboard tree, or the hippest option of the Year --a mini-
A tree of fleshy plants.
It is replaced by elaborate glass or wood decoration. German-
Karin Dubsky, from the European coast Watch, said: "We use beeswax candles.
It gives out a very magical light.
"Monitor children, pets and checkers and don't put lit candles near the Christmas tree.
From your postman to your child's teacher, it's easy to buy gifts for everyone in panic.
Usually these gifts
Plastic or not
It's just the last landfill.
"The first thing to do is make a list of you," said Jenny Jacques de sinaros of the smallest waste grocery store in the online store.
"Then ask, 'Can I take it off? I just sent this gift because I felt I had to do so.
A lot of people don't really want what you give them.
For example, the teacher does not want a mug (or a candle made of petroleum residue or a beauty product filled with plastic beads ).
They have 72,000 at home. I know.
I used to be a teacher.
I used to prefer students to give me a nice note or card, which is more important than a gift I didn't want.
"Time is the new money," said Jenny . "
"Gifts like workshops or movie tickets even promise a wonderful lady's day to have afternoon tea at a nice cafe.
Expect is a good thing except for some lovely things of the day, as January and February are so bleak.
There's a wonderful zero-
Garbage and plastic
There are free gifts now.
First of all, check out something about organic beauty minimalwastegrocery. com;
Elvis & Kresse's smart rescue leather, retired fire hose and parachute bag at protecttheplanet. co. uk;
Mother Earth's Christmas candle with Bean wax. ie; plastic-
Free stationery in Ecoland. com;
Upgrade items and Christmas cards in rediscoverycenter. ie;
Or give the gardener a mushroom plug starter kit for the garden shop. ie.
Keep a cup or jazz-
Water canteens, for example, are among the best in many Christmas lists as they reduce singlesuse plastic.
However, Jenny warned: "A Cup of Keep tea may not be enjoyed by everyone.
You may be a zero waste, but you can't force people to do that, so ask yourself, "do you match people now ? " "Be careful that zero waste is the trend of consumerism and dress up as environmental protection
"A lot of the wrapping paper is pretty right now, but it's not really paper.
"It's plastic, so you can't recycle it," said Jenny . ".
"You can't recycle it if it's glossy and has any foil or film on it.
"But there are many other possibilities --
Brown paper looks cool and natural, can be printed in ink to personalize, and can also be handed over to the children for decoration.
Or you can use newspaper, old maps, sheet music, paper towels . . . . . . All of this can be done with recyclable raffia, wool pom-
Roses, Christmas trees, winter green trees or oms or ribbons of Ivy or garden hemp ropes and some small branches.
Avoid brown tape
Paper tape is available in Ecoland.
Karin Dubsky of Coastwatch Europe says packaging is part of a gift that keeps our coastline clean with plastic.
"I wrapped the baby gift in a Muslim cloth.
They can be used directly and look cute with ribbons.
Or square fabric bought cheaply at Hickeys or other fabric stores.
"Lovely rag, scarf or cotton bag is also good to use.
Look at the knot technology on YouTube. Don't over-do it.
We produce 1 million tons of food waste per year, about euros-
The average value of each family.
During Christmas we throw away 20 more PCs of trash and food is an important part of it.
Make a list so you're unlikely to leavepiste.
Then, leave your plastic food package in the supermarket, or go into zero waste shopping by pouring your item into a jar, container or bag in the store.
Shopping at one of many zeros
Garbage markets like Dublin food have sprung up.
Coop) or order plastic-
Free shipping minimalastegrocery day. com.
There are many non-alternatives.
Recyclable adhesive film, freezer bag or plastic container that can filter harmful estrogen-
Imitating hormones in food
Try the reusable food packaging of glass cans, silicone lid or beeswax, such as Abeego.
There is even a vegetarian version;
See the littlegreen store. ie.
Let's say Santa doesn't use a chimney, you want a burning fire
So where can you find oil workers who are not oil?
Packed with plastic snowflake fiber, £ 9.
99stg, six packs, made of 100 pc bean wax, a spicy mixture of cinnamon, cloves, orange and lime, including a kindle cone for extra Christmas crackles
Protect the Earth. co. uk.
Using metal or recyclable straws, invest in real napkins and decorate the table with nature's hands.
People who specialize in flower shop Crate for wildflowers and natural arrangements suggest: "Eat a festive meal at home, you can add a simple green branch location setting for each guest with Holly or dried flowers, tie together with a rope or ribbon to add a beautiful decoration to the table.
"Confused by what can and cannot enter the green bin to check the recycling site.
This is a list of recyclable plastics.
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