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france to bid adieu to plastic dishes with controversial ban - packaging films manufacturers

by:Cailong     2019-07-07
france to bid adieu to plastic dishes with controversial ban  -  packaging films manufacturers
PARIS-France's latest efforts to reduce pollution will also affect people who love nature to go to the countryside for outdoor meals. Picnickers will not be able to buy plastic wine glasses to drink their beloved wines or plastic knives to make ham and butter bread sandwiches.
Life in the office will also be different as coffee machines will no longer be available with plastic cups as part of the country's Greener program.
The new measure, which came into effect last month, allowed producers to ensure by 2020 that all disposable dishes sold in France were made of bio-sourced materials and could be composted.
Previously, plastic bags have been banned since July.
Several other countries and some of the United StatesS.
Countries also ban the use of plastic bags, and France seems to be the first country to ban the use of plastic tableware in full.
Last year, a landmark conference was held in Paris to discuss how to deal with global warming. At the same time, the Socialist government is trying to push France ahead in environmental protection.
While the eco-ist group praised French law and wanted it to set an example for other countries, opponents argue that the product ban hurts consumers and that French measures violate the EU's concerns about the free movement of goods
Worried that France's ban could be extended to other countries, the Pack2Go Europe in Brussels-
The headquarters organization, representing European packaging manufacturers, said it would continue to fight against it.
"We urge the European Commission to do the right thing and take legal action against French violations of European law," Pack2Go European secretary general Eamonn Bates told the Associated Press . ".
"If they don't, we will.
"The ban was originally proposed by the eco-Europe --
The Green Party, and adopted by French lawmakers, aims to reduce the energy consumption and waste generated by the plastic processing industry, as well as the pollution caused by plastic waste.
The ban, which economists want, was introduced 2017, but was postponed until 2020 due to the initial opposition of environment minister Michael Royal.
The royal thought it was ".
The "social" measure, considered that disposable tableware is often used by families struggling financially.
The measure will ban sales.
Use plastic cups, plates and glasses unless they are made of bio
Source materials that can be compost in domestic composting devices.
Bates believes there is no evidence that the creature
Disposable tableware from the source is more eco-friendly and there are no biological products
In domestic compost plants, the plastic from the source is degraded.
He also said that the ban "will be understood by consumers that it is OK to leave this package in the countryside after use, as it is easily contaminated with bio-contamination
Degradation in nature.
It may even make the garbage problem worse.
"Officials from the French environment ministry did not respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.
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