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French fencing body backs lightsabre duels - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
French fencing body backs lightsabre duels  -  polycarbonate
The French Fencing Federation has officially recognized the lightsaber duel as a competitive sport, granting the famous weapons of Star Wars the same status as swords, swords and swords. The LED-
The bright, hard polycarbonate lightsaber replica looks even like a silver-screen blade that Yoda and other characters brandished in George Lucas's blockbuster.
The more expensive military knife installed a chip on the handle of the sword, making a hissing electric rumble.
Organized three dueling slash, fake face and Thornminute bouts.
The physics of the lightsaber battle is part of the reason why the French Fencing Federation supports the sport and is now equipped with lightsaber and training for fencing clubs
Coach lightsaber.
Like a good Jedi, the French Federation believes it is struggling with the dark side: a 21st-century sedentary habit --
Century life affecting human health
The number of adults and children is increasing.
"This is a real public health issue for young people today.
They don't do any exercise. they only exercise with their thumbs. Serge Aubailly, secretary general of the Federation, said.
"It's getting more and more difficult to (convince them) do a sport that has nothing to do with getting out of the couch and playing the thumb.
That's why we are trying to connect between our discipline and modern technology, so it feels natural to take part in a sport.
"In the past, people like Zorro, Robin Hood and Three Musketeers helped attract new fencing practitioners.
Now, it's Luke Skywalker, Obi-who joined and even replaced them-
Wan Kenobi and Darth Vida
"Cape and sword films have always had a huge impact on our alliance and its growth," Mr Aubailly said . ".
"Lightsaber movies have the same impact.
Young people want to give it a try.
"Calculate the payment for it.
In France, where hundreds rather than thousands of people, the lightsaber duel did not hope to have a place at the 2024 Paris Olympics, but heard the rattle of the blades and saw them cut shapes in the air, I want to try this sport.
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