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frequently asked questions - where can you buy mylar sheets

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frequently asked questions  -  where can you buy mylar sheets
Our largest and most versatile venue is perfect for drop-
Dinner by reception or elegant.
Capacity: 400 reception | 200 dinner included: This bright and practical space is the perfect place for a medium-sized restaurantsized events.
Reception: 125 people, dinner includes: 8 people
Story views and unusual angles leave a deep impression on any event.
Reception: 75, dinner included: 8
Story views and unusual angles leave a deep impression on any event.
Reception: 50, 20 for dinnerthe-
The scene tour is available at night and there is no room rent for special arrangements.
Capacity: subject to group size include: Tell me more about our CNN Center located at the corner of Marietta Street and Centennial Olympic Park Avenue in downtown Atlanta.
Our address is 30303, CNN News Center, Atlanta, GA.
Each tour is guided by one of our CNN studio guides.
They are trained in all of CNN's knowledge and are happy to share their knowledge with you! There are behind. the-
The live tour and VIP tour lasted about 50 minutes.
A quick tour with Robin Meadelasts about 75 minutes of HLN in the morning. The Behind-the-
Scene tours can accommodate up to 45 guests.
There are up to 12 guests on the VIP tour.
HLN Morning Express tour with Robin Mead can accommodate up to 10 guests. The Behind-the-
The scene tour takes place about 7 days a week, every 20 minutes.
VIP tours are 6 days a week, 4 times a day.
HLN morning Quick Tour with Robin Mead is usually available every Thursday morning.
The CNN studio tour provides a behind-the-scenesthe-
See how CNN works and the history of the world's largest news network.
For our most popular tour, behind-the-
The scene tour, you will take 50-
Walk around the lobby of the historic CNN center with your own guide and gain insight into how live broadcasts are made and sent to audiences around the world-
Learn more about how the world's largest news organization works.
From the first news show in history to the legacy of life now, you'll learn how CNN has become a global news leader.
We are open 7 days a week from nine o'clock A. M. .
At five o'clock P. M. , our ticket office is open at 8: 30 a. m. every day.
The CNN store is open from nine o'clock A. M. to six o'clock P. M. 7 days a week. Yes.
You can book by calling our booking hotline or purchasing tickets at our box office/on our website. Yes -
You can click the red "buy tickets" button at the top of the page, which will take you where you can buy tickets.
Reservations that require assistance with ADA or lift must be booked by phone or on-premises
Box office people. Yes.
We sell tickets at the ticket office every day.
Tickets are sold all day long. come, first-
Provide services and tours based on availability.
We always recommend you to book if possible so you can guarantee the specific time and tour of your choice.
No problem at all.
Our booking staff can help you with your booking.
Booking calls open daily from nine o'clock A. M-5pm. Please call 1-877-4 CNNTOUR or 404-827-2300. You can check-
When you arrive, at the box office to make sure you have everything you need before you travel.
Box office is next to CNN store and giant free-
If you already have a ticket, you are ready.
Please line up 5 minutes before the tour starts and the tour guide will announce when the tour is about to begin.
You don't, but tours are often sold out during peak hours and we highly recommend booking at least 24 hours in advance.
The only tour that needs to be booked is the HLN morning Quick Tour with Robin Mead.
We will serve you as per your request, but no availability is guaranteed. Military (
Activated or retired)
Free admission with ID card-the-
The scene tour and their family get a special price for $13 per person.
Students who present a valid university ID card can receive a discount of $14the-Scenes Tour.
Your ticket includes the tour ticket you purchased at the time specified on the ticket.
We accept all major credit cards (
Visa, MasterCard and American Express)
Cash and traveler's checks.
We only need your booking number and photo ID. Yes!
Atlanta CityPASS includes a tour of CNN studios.
Save 40% or more from 5 famous attractions in Atlanta.
Buy online now and you will receive your mobile and printable voucher immediately via email. LEARN MORE. Please call 1-877-
4 CNNTOUR if you have any questions.
Due to the nature of the breaking news, the live broadcast is not guaranteed, but the best opportunity to watch the live broadcast is from nine o'clock A. M. to two o'clock P. M. from Monday to Friday.
Groups are considered when there are 20 or more guests.
Groups can enjoy a special discount of $14 per adult and $13 per child (ages 4-12). Please call 1-877-
4 CNNTOUR book your group reservation.
Get off/pick up by bus
On Centennial Olympic Park Avenue, group in front of a large CNN letter.
The time to purchase tickets/reservations is the time to host attractions for the tour.
If you or your team members miss your designated tour time, our box office staff will do their best to provide you with accommodation, however, there is no guarantee of an alternative tour for the day.
During peak times of the year, we often sold out, so due to our limited space for each trip per day, we may not be able to arrange another trip for our guests.
If you know your team will be late, we encourage you to call on time or at least 30 minutes before your trip. Please call 1-888-986-
8787 provide any updates regarding your booking.
Across the street from the CNN Center is a parking lot called CNN.
You can park on the top floor for $10 per car per day (
Events are not included).
Within walking distance of CNN Center, there are also lots of parking lots including covered and uncovered.
There is a Marshalling Station at the Georgia World Conference Center, and the bus charges $25 per vehicle per day.
There is a driver's Lounge in this location.
Please visit this link for more details.
Free street parking is also available on Centennial Olympic Avenue at Philips Arena, but drivers have to stay with their bus and may be asked to move if space is needed.
You can send the check to the address below.
CNN News Center: CNN studio tour in Atlanta, Georgia.
Taking Marta is a breeze.
Visit to learn more about the Atlanta public transport system.
For public transport options to get to CNN Center, see below.
Mata station W1: Dome/GWCC/Philips Arena/CNN Center Mata station N1: Peachtree Center-
About 10-
Minutes walk from this station to Atlanta tram: Centennial Olympic Park Station-about 5-
Due to security issues and the nature of the news business, a few minutes walk from this station, photos are only allowed in specific areas of the tour route.
Your guide will inform guests before you enter these areas.
We do not allow any flash photography or video recording on the tourist route.
Only requests for filming approved by the company are allowed.
Keep in mind that you have access to areas in the building with highly confidential and sensitive information, so we must comply with certain company policies.
It's really a lag. the-scenes tour!
You can carry personal items such as backpacks and wallets during the tour.
Items such as strollers, weapons, luggage or food and drinks are not allowed on any tour.
If you are curious about whether items are allowed on the tour, please call 1-877-
4 CNNTOUR check with the booking staff before you arrive.
Walking is not allowed unless it is a medical necessity.
ADA and lift-assisted tours allow for motorized scooters and wheelchairs.
Please note that stroller or wheelchair rental is not available. Please call 1-877-
4 CNNTOUR if you have any questions before your visit.
Allow service dogs to carry appropriate documents during your tour (i. e.
Service vest, harness, etc).
We strive to meet any requests from our guests.
Please see below for the accommodation we provide for our guests.
Elevator assistance: at 10: 30 a. m. , 12: 30 p. m. , 2: 30 p. m. and 4: 30 p. m. the elevator assists the tour four times a day.
Translation service: if you need to sign
Language translation service, please call at least 2 weeks in advance to book and inform the booking staff.
Service animals: Service Animals with appropriate certificates are allowed during the tour, including the use of elevators for help.
We are happy to provide a printed translation in multiple languages and available on request.
We do not allow personal translation during your tour, nor do we allow translation in-site.
All guests must go through CNN security before each trip starts, including a metal detector, similar to what you will experience at the airport.
It will also be searched if you bring any type of bag or wallet.
In order to enter the tour, guests with pacemakers will receive metal detectors with hand-held wands.
Passing through security checks is not only for the safety of you and other guests you travel to, but also for the safety of our staff.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.
We do not provide luggage storage, coat check or lockers for personal items.
Please provide accommodation for luggage storage before arrival.
Also, please note that no baggage is allowed at the CNN Center.
The atrium of the CNN Center has a food court with a wide variety of fast casual and full meals
Restaurant service.
Centennial Park is a neighborhood of CNN Center and other attractions in the city center. There are also many dining options.
You can ask the concierge in front of the building for a map and they will be happy to assist you.
There are designated smoking areas outside the building, but there is no smoking area in the CNN Center.
CNN Studio Tours provides great event space for evening events and we will be happy to help coordinate every detail.
You can check out our event space and learn more about what we offer on our website.
You can select the special events option from the menu for additional information.
At this time, we do not offer any special price or discount for the first class school.
The only discount we can offer is the group discount.
We have lesson plans that you can download for free, where there are pre and post activities shared by teachers with students to enhance their travel experience.
Guests can visit the CNN store, which offers exclusive licensed items for your favorite shows and networks from CNN, HLN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swimming, TNT, TBS and HBO
The store also offers souvenirs from the Atlanta brand.
You can also shop 24/7 online in the store. cnn. com.
Please note that you do not have to go shopping in the store.
The entrance to the CNN store is located in the atrium next to the CNN studio tour box office.
We have a custom studio called Guest studio One where you can record your own news broadcast and you are the anchor!
It is attached to the CNN store, so ask a friendly shop colleague to help you.
The cost associated with this event is high, so please ask for details before recording a news broadcast.
After taking the escalator you will see the green screen and friendly photographer.
You can choose the background you want and buy your souvenir photos at the end of the tour in front of the CNN store.
After the last stop of your tour, there are iPads behind the CNN store and you are welcome to complete your survey on your travel experience.
We love feedback!
You will receive a confirmation email with your booking details and other important information you need for your tour.
If you do not receive an email after booking, please check your spam folder.
Tours are allowed, please. info@cnn.
Send you an email. You can stay up late-to-
The date of the position release and apply when the position is vacant.
If you have lost an item on the tour route, please ask the tour guide for help.
If you realize after you leave that you have lost something, please call 1-877-
4 CNNTOUR between nine o'clock A. M. and five o'clock P. M. to check if it was handed in.
We do not offer any overnight items at this time.
The CNN Studio Tour is located in the CNN Center, where 24/7 of business and news operations are conducted.
Due to this environment, we are not allowed to perform in our buildings.
We have trained security personnel who can help with any problems that arise.
Fulton County police station is also located in the CNN Center, so we will be able to get help with most of the questions, if you have any kind of promotion or question images that need approval for shooting CNN studio tours, please contact tours. info@cnn.
Any media request from Com and put "media Survey" in the subject line.
Please attach the name, date and time you would like to shoot and the nature of the program.
We need at least 5 days of approval, but the more advance period you can provide, the better.
No approval is guaranteed and all shots are subject to the terms and conditions set by management.
You have access to learn more about CNN and the facts you need to know about the world's largest news network.
©&®2018 Cable News Network Co. , Ltd.
A war media company.
All rights reserved.
None of CNN's™&©2018 CNN.
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