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fresh call for alcohol glass ban - polycarbonate glass

by:Cailong     2019-08-24
fresh call for alcohol glass ban  -  polycarbonate glass
One researcher said alcohol should be provided more often in plastic glasses and bottles to reduce the damage caused by violent attacks.
Dr. forsydair Forsyth of the Glasgow Violence Research Center said at a meeting that the use of glass as a weapon can be eliminated.
He wants retailers to consider moving to plastic stores next to bars and clubs.
An expert said that for the city center and later
Nightclubs and bars should be given priority.
Some people estimate the cost of glass.
Violence related to the NHS, police and courts is over £ 100 a year.
The exact number of violent attacks involving glass per year is unclear, although criminal investigations show that this could involve six figures.
The bar industry has introduced tempered glass over the years, but now researchers say further steps are needed.
Speaking at the World Security conference in London, Dr. Forsyth said: "Milk is usually sold in cartons, plastic soft drinks and ceramic hot drinks.
"One category of beverages that are still generally sold or supplied in glassware is alcohol, and paradoxically, this is the only type of drink associated with an increased risk of accidents and serious violence.
"It is much easier to eliminate the glass used as a weapon than the cutter.
His research shows that young people don't mind using plastic bottles, he said.
But excessive
People in their 40 s opposed the idea.
"It's absolutely nonsense that they claim it keeps drinks cool.
This is just a question of making plastic containers acceptable to society.
He said some design of the bottle
Especially screws
Caused a special problem.
In addition to making it easier to drink on the street, screws
Top prevents the neck of the bottle from breaking, forming a more dangerous weapon in the hands of the attacker.
In 2009, tests were carried out in three towns in Lancashire.
While the number of violence has not decreased, the number of injuries has dropped significantly.
Two years ago, polycarbonate was introduced in Hull city center, and an eye doctor estimated that the local NHS saved more than 7 pounds during that time as the number of eye injuries dropped.
Professor Jonathan Sheppard of the violence and Social Studies Group at Cardiff University says he tends to focus on the "hot spots" where alcohol is the most serious"
Regarding the comprehensive prohibition of violence in glass containers.
He said: "This is not so much a problem with restaurants or bars in the suburbs of Duoye, it is a problem with licensed places or streets in the busy city center.
"I think it's important to be selective and targeted --
Maybe there is no glass in the "alcohol disorder area" in the city center.
"Agencies representing the alcoholic beverage industry say it is not necessary to ban glass altogether.
Jeremy Beadles, chief executive of the Wine and Spirits Trade Association, said: "While we recognize that injury is a serious problem, what we need is corresponding
"A total ban on alcoholic glass packaging can affect stores, restaurants, bars and consumers without helping to solve a problem.
"The industry has taken some steps to use Shater-
In cases of high risk, we have been working with the police and the Home Office to improve security.
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