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from packaging material to modern totem: the wry art of an te liu - film packaging material

by:Cailong     2019-07-12
from packaging material to modern totem: the wry art of an te liu  -  film packaging material
Antliu uses a variety of consumer goods-T-
Kitchen sponge, air purifier, shirt-
As raw material for the past.
In his meditation performance at the Anat Ebgi gallery, the wearing pieces were mainly cast in plastic foam packaging materials that were used to buffer electronics and other goods.
Their curves and cavities are produced in the industry to perform specific functions, and are interpreted here as pure mass and gaps shaped by hands.
As shown in the title of the program, "communication" prompted a stimulating meditation on objectivity and time, and the Toronto artist inherited the aesthetic legacy, it also inherits the problematic material legacy that our consumerism culture has left to the next generation.
As far as Liu is concerned, he has given some people a rise in their world and sensibility --
From invisible to elegant
"The party is over", hanging from the ceiling, starting with a broken disco ball, now hanging on a piece of bronze art and a sign of a damaged planet.
Elsewhere, the origins of sculptures are not always obvious, although their surfaces often retain the features of packaging materials --
The pattern of the stars.
There are 18 sculptures here, but in another sense there is only one.
The gallery is rendered as an immersive sculpture whose proportions and materials are cleverly calculated to provide a uniform timeand distance-warping effect.
We walked into the abbreviation of the modern museum, which is an original display similar to the mid20th-
Abstract century.
The length of the gallery is a low white platform, a rising stage where Liu's bronzes show themselves --
It is unusual for sculpture exhibition, which helps the form of installation.
One with polished silver gloss can recall a twisted torso or enlarged bone.
The other stands high like a human being, echoing the "endless pillar" of blancussi in the repeated spinning module stack ".
A smaller stone nearby
In brancussi's "Kiss", the gray patina, is an impromptu clip about the close relationship between Ketai, reflecting the form.
"The device is visually and conceptually elegant, making Liu's work slightly different from our physical space, and it is better to see it as an idea.
Although Liu's form is endowed with the aura of the touchstone of art history, even the ancient ruins, it will inevitably appear in the present.
Anat Ebgi, 2660
Ha hsianda Avenue. , (310)838-
2770. until July 15.
Rest on Sunday and Monday. www. anatebgi.
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