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from silver screen to real life: movie tech made real - polycarbonate film

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
from silver screen to real life: movie tech made real  -  polycarbonate film
Superheroes are always the most avant-garde.
The edge technology at their disposal makes the entire save-the-
Things are much easier in the world. Thanks to off-
However, the technology has turned screen developers and scientists from fantasy to reality.
Check out the latest gadgets and gadgets inspired by movie heroes.
James Bond's latest gadget, a gun coded on his handprint, makes it impossible for anyone else to launch weapons, not just another fantasy product of Hollywood's hyper-active imagination. Ireland-
Based on making the recent reality
World replication uses radio frequency identification technology for the same purpose, but their products are not yet available in the US.
Next best choice?
Salt Lake City sells smartphones, and its fingerprint reader allows car owners to shoot bullets only.
Display: Daniel Craig plays James Bond in Sky drop.
The idea that cars can't fly is about to become the last
Century as the first popular Jetson comics.
Take two seats and fold into a car, as easy as sliding down the top on a convertible.
You can now book a production site for your own transition with a $10,000 deposit, with an estimated base purchase price of $279,000. The TF-X, a four-
Seats currently in development are compact enough to park in their upcoming standard garageto-
Be an old brother.
Display: Terrafugia Transition.
Not everyone has a jet.
We need a power-up push suit every day.
But that doesn't mean like Tony Stark's J. A. R. V. I. S.
It won't come in handy.
A handful of lucky "explorers" have fallen by $1,500 to become one of the first to test, a lightweight frame with cameras and microphones.
Users can take photos and videos, transcribe conversations, translate, navigate and Google messages with just their voice.
Although glasses don't talk to you like J. A. R. V. I. S.
Yes, the information they dig will still be in front of you.
Health care will become cheaper and more compact.
In mid-January 2012 and offered a $10 million bonus, who was able to live
Dr. tricorder of The World Edition
"Bones" McCoy used to diagnose his patients in the original Star Trek series.
Although the game will not officially end until the middle of the day
2015, it's almost-
Forward health care to 23d century.
Place the device on a person's left temple for 10 seconds and it will read their pulse through time, heart rate, electrical heart activity, temperature, heart rate variability and oxygenation.
This information is automatically saved to the smartphone app for future reference.
Tom Cruise's sensational technician's transparency in the early 2000 s, more
Touch navigation screen in "Minority Report.
Soon, they will feel this way.
Less technology for life.
It's a leap of USB.
Size devices that plug in any laptop and allow users to play games, flip through e-books, design 3D models, play music, etc-
Except for the air in front of the screen, all of this has not been touched.
Leap is scheduled to be released in July 22. You can pre-
Order for $79.
99 and the most superhero website for Surfing leap-
Valuable app when you wait for it to arrive.
No, you and your friends can't sneak into the hallway with it yet, but Austin's scientists are one step closer to making Harry's cloaks for the Muggle world.
Water Curtain-
A thin sheet fabric made of copper and polycarbonate film-
And the microwave. they made an 18.
Cm stick completely gone
This is not the first attempt to create this magic either.
In 2010, a group of researchers announced the development of a method to accelerate and slow down certain parts of the light to make the object disappear.
From Buck Rogers to Buzz Lightyear, movie heroes have been pressing buttons for decades.
Developed by the New Zealander Glenn Martin, you will soon be driven to infinity and beyond --
Or rather, just use 30 minutes of gas.
The rather large device, which runs on regular automotive gasoline, is expected to be available in the medium term
The cost of police or government work is £ 2013, which is estimated to provide you with $100,000.
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