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future perfect - polycarbonate transparent

by:Cailong     2019-08-09
future perfect  -  polycarbonate transparent
The importance of Milan's Salone di Mobile furniture show and its accompanying satellite shows is hard to exaggerate.
Designers, manufacturers and buyers from all over the world come here to discover and influence future design trends.
Top British designers, from Robin Day, nearly 90, to Paul Cocksedge, who was shortlisted for the designer of the Year award ), and the youngest designer of 28 years old came here to show off their latest designs and get an update on the rest of the industry.
Top retailers such as Selfridges, as well as experts such as kanglan, Alam and Purves & Purves, are also here and they all see this as their main buying opportunity.
Items that may be sold by UK stores in the coming months will be shown here first.
This year, retro is one of the main trends that have emerged at the show, with designers abandoning last year's most popular slender plywood furniture in their 50 s and instead turning to people in their 60 s for inspiration.
The new design uses the form of flowing plastic and inductive bending.
The color also echoes this period when the red color of last season was replaced by gray green and orange.
The interior design disappeared, but unexpectedly made its debut on plastic.
This year's plastic technology is incredible.
The Meridiana chair designed for Driade by WEEE Pilet has been incorporated into the final-formed decoration, with a transparent polycarbonate housing staggered with a mesh that looks like a faceted diamond cut.
Plat and Young use deep triangular dents on the edge of their flying chairs (Also for Driade)
, While the same complex pattern is produced for Kartell to a large extent by transparent molds.
Including Usame, a coffee table-cum-
The magazine holder of Patricia Urquiola and Battista Glossy, an expansive transparent trolley of Antonio Citterio.
The expansion of Philip Stark's Ghost series, the molded "carving" in the 18 th century"
Transparent polycarbonate is also used for style, seat, shelf, mirror and table.
Both Kartell and Xo products use the traditional form of reprocessing in this new material.
However, major design innovations usually occur only when designers explore the structural potential of new materials.
The American company Heiler retains architect Frank Gaili to collect tables and seats for indoor and outdoor use.
The series uses a special plastic that can be both rigid and flexible in the same mold.
This year, children also have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of new technologies.
Magis, a company specializing in plastic furniture, is working in an innovative children's series with a child psychologist and a group of famous designers.
The results are attractive, interesting and practical for people of all ages.
But it's not just Italian.
The Campana brothers from Brazil always make something unusual: This year is Corallo, Edra's chairs and sofas, made of colored steel, and look like huge graffiti hanging in space
Many of the most thoughtful people
Over the past few years, Dutch designers have come up with some compelling ideas.
These range from the practical flame designed by Chris Kabel for Moooi, power the candle holder using standard small campinggas bottles, to the quirky wood-though still practical --
Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe burn stoves made of non-combustible textiles.
Droog, the Dutch design group, explores these alternative ideas in more depth in the "installation.
The exhibition slow walk contains a series of items designed to slow down the pace of life.
Typically an Earth light made of opaque soy fat becomes clear when it is heated.
Ron Allard will definitely use the carved seat of Callian to be more practical than him but equally sculptural 3-
Leather plywood table in Moroso.
His other design was part of the Swarovski "install" crystal chandelier, which managed to show any information that was texted to it.
The less exotic hairdresser Osgerby design is a practical and elegant circular chandelier filled with crystals that can spread light.
The light is becoming a key element of the show, and the equipment Paul Kochi installed for the Bombay Sapphire gin must be the most interesting, where, the gin and tonic are suspended to provide a warm blue glow.
Young British Designers currently seeking similar opportunities include Nicole Boyd and Tom Rosen.
Their rolling chair folds like a curtain, while Seymour's scratch light allows the owner to customize it as if drawing on a scratch card.
These are just a small percentage of young British talent looking for manufacturers in Milan.
Fortunately, in the next 12 months, successful people can buy their products in the store.
Look at this space.
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