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galt no. 6 coal mine in lethbridge designated as historic site - holographic material

by:Cailong     2019-07-01
galt no. 6 coal mine in lethbridge designated as historic site  -  holographic material
After the City Council has designated the Galt mine number, the mining remains of the rybridge past will be preserved in a new park
As a site of municipal historical resources.
There are not many remains of mineshaft that were closed more than 80 years ago, except for the boiler lift base, the top Foundation and the drift tunnel --
But this did not stop the project.
"In fact, there is not much [is]
In fact, this gives us more opportunities.
"In my opinion, the ruins and holographic materials . . . . . . You can show the past of these buildings there.
"The team is working with melkol, a developer in the neighborhood of heritage Ridge community, to turn the land into an explanatory Park.
The name of the mine came from Sir Alexander Geerte, WHO and his son Elliot started the coal industry in Lethbridge in the 1880 s.
From 1908 to 1935, my No. 6 mine was in active condition.
Crowson is trying to trace the story of the family living in Hardieville, a small community that appears around the mine in the northwest of lesbridge.
Crowson told the CBC's Alberta on a show at noon on Tuesday that "this is a small community of its own . ".
The reputation of hadiville is a little small, especially during the Prohibition period.
"There is piracy in that area, which is a coal mine town, a little rougher than some of the surrounding communities," she said . ".
"It was the miners, it was the working class who turned coal mining and hadiville into what they are now.
"Kroson and her team are working to find an early map of the community, as well as the House that moved to Lethbridge in the 1930 s, even to the church in codale, about 20 kilometers east.
"Like the big detective search we're doing --
Where is the building in hadiville? Where is the story?
"They ask anyone who has a connection with hardiville to contact the Historical Society.
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