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Garbage enclosures in Chennai pose new problem - clear plastic corrugated sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-14
Garbage enclosures in Chennai pose new problem  -  clear plastic corrugated sheets
Grouping the bins by installing the enclosure may help to cover up to some extent the garbage spilled in the public eye, but it creates another nuisance.
These enclosures are now used as public facilities.
After receiving complaints from residents and criticism of the overflow of trash cans in most residential areas, Chennai group the trash cans with corrugated cardboard in order to clean up the city.
All of a sudden, at least 20 feet wide enclosure blocks the sidewalks of various parts of the city, blocking the movement of pedestrians.
As bins disappear in some places, residents have to dump their garbage in the fence a short walk away.
Some residents even began to discard garbage in plastic bags on the roadside. R.
Govindaraj, secretary of Exnora International, said the idea of grouping bins was a failure.
"There is no bin inside the fence on 2nd Street of Koda Bakam Akbarabad, and the sheets have been removed by the gangsters," he said . ".
"Now, in several places, the enclosure is used as a public convenience.
Officials of the company concerned have received complaints, but no measures have been taken . "Govindaraj.
According to him, civic institutions should try garbage bins grouping in several places and expand the model based on the success of the project.
"Placing more trash cans on the streets can solve the problem of Garbage spills, rather than grouping the bins in the enclosure," said a senior official at the company . ".
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