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gateway to innovation. - tinted polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-21
gateway to innovation.  -  tinted polycarbonate panels
Regardless of the security challenges, solutions can be found at the annual seminar and exhibition of the ASIS 43.
The attendees were in awe of the size and scope of the exhibition hall, which had 600 companies and 500 booths showcasing the latest security technologies and technologies in history
More eye-catching ways.
Regardless of the nature of the problems brought about by the participants, solutions can be found in an impressive exhibition.
The following list outlines the links between several companies participating in the conference and innovation. Diebold, Inc.
He introduced the safety foyer, a security system designed to detect people carrying metal weapons into the building.
It allows only one person to be contacted at a time, screening the person for weapons.
If a weapon is detected, the person is denied access to the building before the security department conducts an inspection.
Securitron Magnalock attaches great importance to the products supported by its complete product line ofaccess control.
The company representative demonstrated the new MXD mobile exit delay module for the security itronmagnalock's delayed exit system. Mosler Inc.
Two new products were presented at this year's workshop.
The first is the COMSEC graphics management system, which allows security managers to connect new devices to existing security units.
The software system provides users
In addition to the real graphics screen and the "click" operation, the friendly graphics screen and the "click" operation
Regularly monitor and customize reports.
Second product LINX-
Access control system is also a software program.
LINX uses Windows-
The NT platform provides access control, alarm monitoring, ID card production, personnel management and other functions in a system.
Prism video company
Its new Windows 95 monitoring software, Mole rxwin95.
The new system uses standard telephone lines to turn any compatible desktop or laptop into a video receiver.
The Mole system may be further refined in order to make it easier to complete surveillance tasks and to schedule guard trips automatically.
Galaxy Control Systems launched a new points system at this year's seminars and exhibitions.
The system integrates access control, alarm monitoring, CCTV, elevator control, video verification, IDbadging, attendance, building management and other functions.
Integrators can control from a single PC, network, or remote site. Borg-
Warner Security has launched its overall security solution.
The system is designed to provide electronic and physical security services to customers.
Delegates demonstrated the program through interactive video on the spot.
In addition, a new smart camera system is shown that can distinguish between human intruders and other activities that do not require an analytical arm.
NKL Industrial Co. , Ltd.
A computer safe box and access control system were designed, and an AVL activity verification lock was introduced in the exhibition hall.
In addition to the smart lock, AVL provides digital access that users can access through programming.
The lock monitors the time and date when the safe is opened and includes functions such as programmable time delay and time lock.
There is AVL on the NKL safe, or it can be installed on existing safe boxes of various manufacturers.
The main image is characterized by its actions.
Tracker video motion detector.
As an intelligent unit, the system is able to distinguish between repeated random movements (such as moving leaves or changing camera angles) and regional alarm situations (such as intruders ).
The company has also launched 2nd Eyes, a digital video storage system that can continue recording while playback previous events. PPM 2000 Inc.
An upgrade to its IRIMS series of accident reports and information management software was released.
In the new feature of the isa quick event data entry screen, security personnel can enter critical information into the computer immediately when the computer occurs.
Software-generated reports can be sent as email
Email Attachment
Mail link, you can import and export data through other windows programs.
Photos can also be stored by IRIMS software.
HID has introduced a new passive approach vehicle label.
The new label allows the vehicle to enter through the gate or garage and the parking lot.
The hid nt MaxiProx reader installed inside the windshield can read the label from the side of the car.
Special antennas, wind and rain labels or other materials are not required.
Sentry Technology Corporation, the manufacturer of electronic security systems, is characterized by SentryVision, a continuous tracking monitoring system.
The dual flat, tilt and zoom cameras of the system run on the stand mounted on the ceiling and can be set to auto patrol or manual control.
The track can be the length of the company's facilities, and the camera is hidden in a colored polycarbonate shell. TEMTEC, Inc.
Describes its time.
Dependency ID badge.
The badge is designed to prevent unauthorized use, as it automatically changes the color from white to red when the preset time expires.
Electronic devices and hardware are not required for badge systems. The time-
The Dependentbadge consists of two parts: the back of the pre-printed with red ink and the front that is applied to the back to activate the badge.
The expiration rate can be determined by the user and available within two hours, one day, one week or one month.
Badges work next to or outside and can be used by themselves
Adhesive or clipon styles.
Held by Psychemedics. S.
And foreign patents that use hair samples for drug testing.
The company representative described on-site how hair tests had detected personal use of cannabis, cocaine, opium, meth or PCP in the last 90 days.
They also confirmed that all initial positives were confirmed using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry tests.
Morse Watchman company
PowerCheck 3000 is introduced, a fire and safety travel system that combines the advantages of the guard travel system and bar code technology.
The company has also released a new tamper-proof key ring.
The ring prohibits someone from taking the key out of his signature.
Welding or curling tools are not required.
Super Electronics Launches its highspeed, double-sided, full-
Flip ID and access control card printer by ColorMagicard sprenter.
Printer has a Windows driver that allows it to be compatible with most types of PCs. It has a built-
In the image memory of the embedded processor and 4 megabytes.
Magicard Sprinter is also equipped with the company's ultrasonic anti-collision system.
When connected to the printer, the system uses the standard Magicard dye film to code a visible safety sign on the front of the ID card.
ECSI International Limited
The IPID of the pulse infrared perimeter intrusion detection system is highlighted;
FOIDS, a sensitive optical fiber opticcable connected to a fence, wall or roof line, can detect attempts to destroy, drill or climb obstacles or peripheral structures;
Comprehensive PC-DATACOMMS NETbased high-
High-speed data communication network and access control package for managing physical security systems.
Sakinte and green leaves present two recently developed products in the exhibition hallArm-A-
Electronic door control system of Dor and 6140. Arm-A-
Dor is an emergency hardware device that provides push bar security for exitOnly the back door.
The equipment meets the export specifications of the National Fire Protection Association and can replace other rear
Door hardware such as drop bars, sliding bolts, chains and padlocks.
The 6140 electronic door access control system combines the electronic password lock with the locking extension.
The system is designed for the security of ATM rooms, telephone and computer equipment storage rooms or any sensitive area that requires high safety or traffic control.
Model 6140 is battery-
Special AC lines are not required.
For ease of installation, all components can surface and can be programmed with an alphanumeric keyboard.
The Lenel system shows OnGuard 5. 0.
Features of the software include a new mobile badge app that allows users to run a separate PC or laptop away from the office, and then quickly synchronize data with a dedicated network.
A new badge design tool allows an organization to produce and store hundreds of badge designs.
Safety Technology International Limited
, Launched an upgraded version of the export plug.
The new exit stopper can be used as an exit alert to detect people leaving through fire exits, or as an indicator that security personnel know someone is entering through a protected door.
The user can choose which of these features to use, as well as the type and length of the warning alarm or alarm. Chugai Boyeki (America)Corp.
The latest products of inclens technology, including 34X5, are presented. 5-
Zoom lens 187 and 2. 5 mmwide-
Angular hole lens.
Attendees who stopped in front of the Booth picked up a free CCTV lens range calculator that can help security professionals narrow the right lens focal length for a specific CCTV application.
Andingbao introduces several products, including ADEMCOIntegrated technology. AIT)and the VISTA-100.
ADEMCO has created AIT, focusing on integrated security systems for the company.
It specializes in intrusion detection, automatic fire protection systems, supervision of key equipment, radio alarm transmission systems, access control, Sprint systems, CCTV and radio fire protection systems.
ADEMCO also showed its vision.
The 100 Series integrates fire and anti-theft alarm control panels.
The panel processes Information 8 times faster than the traditional multiplexing system and includes false alarm functions.
Northern Computer Company
The new access control software program ProWatch has been launched.
The program can partition the information in the database, allowing security managers to restrict access to certain information based on the user's ID.
A feature of the software is Map Manager, which can retrieve color cardholder images, confirm and clear alerts, activate and control field devices, and create the acutoolbar toolbar to access frequently used items.
Sanyo security video products division launches SRT-Type 20-672four-
Live video recorder for hours.
Recorder includes 70two-and ninety-six-
Hours recording timeThe SRT-
The 672 is equipped with Sanyo's digital storage sound system, which samples the soundtrack and provides normal sound at high volume
Speed playback mode.
Gyyr shows its new control link remote for CCTV systems.
Will show control link with all Gyyr RS
232 products and JVC time-
Delay video recorder and robot mux.
The new system has 256 different programmable sequences and provides automatic response for normal events and emergencies.
Texas Instruments has released infrared images of night vision.
Night sightseeing can be found from more than 2,000 feet kilometers away.
The series has a mobile or fixed installation version.
The product also features improved video images, adjustable focus and higher resolution.
Visit professional company
, Introduced the company's security management system software package Access Gold 2 k.
The software is integrated with Microsoft Access to display database reports in Microsoft format.
Other system features include support for alphanumeric paging and the ability to route specific alerts to the right people.
The new software also works with CCTV Gold, a software program designed to integrate with CCTV applications.
Introduction of data security for safety construction machinery
Guards, created for companies that need safe areas to store materials that will eventually be destroyed. The Data Dis-
The guard seems to be a standard four.
Drawer office filing cabinet, but the items placed in it belong to five-cubic-
Safety bag for foot canvassing.
There are padlock-protected handles and zippers in the bag.
The NT 3300 alarm system was introduced by Simplex.
The NT 3300 will display alarm conditions, monitor intrusion points, and create photo ID tags using the optional Simplex NT 3000 video recognition system.
The NT3300 runs on Microsoft Windows and can maintain up to 20,000 records.
Its features include remote site dialing
Elevator control, a variety of electronic reader technology, alarm monitoring and Distributed Processing.
Shepherd Surveillance has launched the remote video transmitter "Skout" that allows users to send live video transfers to their computers over the phone.
The transmitter operates the camera movement, switches the camera view, locks the door and turns off the lights using the remote control.
When an alarm is triggered, skoutrazer automatically notifies the user and starts transferring the video in the alarm area.
Best Lock Corporation introduces the keyboard version of the V-Series electronic access products at seminars and exhibitions.
The V series keyboard lock allows the user to add and remove the user and change the door mode.
The lock can store records of up to 1,000 users and 1 000 events.
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