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get set for a swankier local ride from 2013 | mumbai news - times of india - polycarbonate material

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
get set for a swankier local ride from 2013 | mumbai news - times of india  -  polycarbonate material
Mumbai: Passengers can look forward to the soft cushion seats and modified ornaments in the second class of local trains in Mumbai, the Mumbai railway vucas companyMRVC)
A series of changes have been listed to make the upcoming rakes more fashionable.
MRVC has signed an agreement with Bombardier Transport to design, develop, manufacture, supply and debug 72 harrows of electrical fittings at a price of Rs 1,064.
The price of each rake is 32 rupees, including 16 rupees.
Value of electrical accessories.
An MRVC official said, "We are considering providing a buffer seat in the second-class compartment for a better ride.
Compared to the existing hard board seat material, it will ensure a more comfortable ride for commuters.
There will be better first class cars.
As commuters are not satisfied with the existing seating arrangements for Siemens rakes first class carriages, the quality of the seats is buffered.
A senior MRVC official said, "The idea is to change the design by changing the back and creating more legroom.
The only problem is better.
The premium cushion provided on the market is not flame retardant.
There is still a lot of time before the new rake is launched.
By then, we may come up with an ideal solution.
"All these changes are only possible if the National Institute of Design appointed by MRVC and Chennai's overall Coach Factory (which will build harrows) improve commuting comfort, consensus was reached on many of these proposed changes.
It has been decided that the new rake will have a stainless steel body instead of the current Corten steel body.
The National Institute of Design will work with Chennai's overall coach factory to work on harrows.
The official said, "it gives rake a more relaxed feeling.
In addition, it is much easier to clean the pot stains and spit marks from the rake body compared to the existing Siemens rakes.
"MRVC is also considering changing non-
The metal panel inside the compartment is made of polyester material.
"These are used on aircraft and have a lasting finish," the official said.
Graffiti or stains can be removed from polycarbonate material effortlessly.
"It is also planned to redesign the luggage rack installed in the compartment.
He said, "these luggage racks are good for luggage, but they don't hold items like simple boxes.
To ensure that the short case does slip away, the design will change slightly.
We can also provide a steel bar attached to the shelf so that the person standing next to the window can hold it to balance the body.
"72 harrows will arrive in installments by December 2015.
The first two prototypes 12-
Car harrows will be tried in Mumbai in early 2013.
If the trial is successful, four such harrows will be provided each month starting from December 2013.
Plans for testing and trial in Mumbai area on the 12 th15 months.
Once successful, four 12-
From December 2013, car harrows will be provided on a monthly basis in the ward.
Everything else in the new rake design will be similar to the rake in the gate.
However, the Harrow of Tizen can travel at a maximum speed of 100 km/h, while the upcoming Harrow can travel at a speed of 110 km/h.
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