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giant au yet to tick | allahabad news - times of india - polycarbonate sheets for sale

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
giant au yet to tick | allahabad news - times of india  -  polycarbonate sheets for sale
Allahabad: even after spending the rupee's lakhs, the campus of Allahabad University still does not echo the bells of the giant clock on the tower in the Senate Hall.
Although university authorities have been trying to keep the clock ticking for more than a year.
Faculty of university authorities and the department of electronic and communications (
Also known as JK Institute)
I have been trying to make some basic changes on the machine since February 2009 to make the clock work properly.
We have a new microprocessor installed.
The basic machinery for converting the main machinery into micro machinery
Control the machine.
It has a single chip with all the components of a microcomputer.
"Output interfaces and timing circuits," said CK Dwivedi, a faculty member at JK Institute . ".
New gears and micro-machinery are installed in the main machinery. motors.
These systems were upgraded in order for the clock to give an accurate time.
He added that quartz crystals have been installed and are widely used to provide accurate frequencies in the clock.
All four sides of the clock were covered with a polycarbonate sheet.
The glass has replaced the old one.
The university spent about 4 rupees on the purchase and placement of the paper.
In addition to this, about Rs 50,000 is used for engineering and painting to repair the bell tower dome.
While Dwivedi and his team made the clock sound itchy in April 2009, the broken window glass forced the authorities to stop the majestic clock that could damage the circuit.
Later, the switch started again when the polycarbonate sheet was in place, but it only worked for a few weeks and the clock stopped again.
Authorities also plan to install LED lights around the clock.
It can see time from far away.
The interior of the tower was also renovated.
"We know the delay in making the clock work properly.
This is because of incharge's focus.
We will try to start timing before the start of the new academic conference, "said SD Dixit, head of the Department of Electronics.
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