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gionee s6 pro review: good build quality but camera lets it down - cost of polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-06
gionee s6 pro review: good build quality but camera lets it down  -  cost of polycarbonate sheet
Today's smartphone is going through an interesting phase.
The design is completely changing, or has changed.
A one-in-one design made of polycarbonate, sheet metal or solid metal is feasible, although this means sacrificing important aspects of the removable battery or multiple SIM cards and ample slots for scalable storage.
Throw in a curved glass that looks good, feels good to use and has an overall appeal to both the onlookers and the user.
One of these devices is Gionee S6 Pro.
The phone is sold offline for around Rs 21,000, with rich 64 gb storage, solid build quality for all metal, full hd ips display and Amigo OS 3 based on Android Marshmallow2.
But can it beat or beat better-known competitors? Design-
It was wise that when I took it out of the apartment, Gionee S6 Pro didn't give me much impressionsize box.
Looks very similar to last year's S6.
High and narrow, there are 5.
The 5 inch-inch display and similar gold paint work occupy its flat rear.
But it has solid build quality, which is also part of saving a lot of time on the phone.
There is no curved glass on the top of the Gionee S6 Pro Display, which is becoming more and more common in phones that sell for more than Rs 20,000.
For example, the Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 has it, and the OnePlus 3, which is now "discontinued", also has it, even though its cost is a bit high.
But S6 Pro feels strong in hand.
Despite its slim figure, it seems to have suffered some abuse in its metal body.
The fact that the phone line is clean also helps.
There is no prominent camera on the back, which makes the phone look clean.
There is a physical home button on the front of the Gionee S6 Pro with a fingerprint sensor underneath.
This is a useful addition.
Gionee S6 Pro does not heat up while charging, gaming, or multiplayertasking.
This is a considerable achievement for all-metal-body smartphones.
When I checked my phone, I was traveling in the mountains of akend in the north.
Even in extreme conditions with an altitude of over 16000ft and a temperature close to minus 10 degrees, Gionee S6 Pro is very beautiful.
Although there is no SIM card, it works as there is no network in that remote area.
In addition, the rough handling of the phone outdoors is not small enough, it is too easy to put in the pocket, often falling from the hand, put in the back pocket.
Still, I put my phone in the transparent back cover that Gionee bundles on the device, but it doesn't increase the intensity of the pressure.
S6 Pro has a perforated metal ear piece next to the front camera and a metal volume rocker and lock button on the right (
Very tactile).
The SIM tray comes out from the left and the headphone jack is at the top.
Overall, this is an impressive phone.
The design looks a bit tedious, but the build quality of all the metal is very clean and top notch.
There is a 5 for Gionee S6 Pro. 5-inch screen.
It's full HD (1920x1080)
IPS screen with good view.
It is glossy but not too reflective and will help during outdoor use.
Please also read: Galaxy A9 Pro review: It's a good thing that Samsung's balance action Gionee S6 Pro shows neutral colors.
The color of this phone is neither faded nor overly sharp or saturated.
But part of it can be better. -the brightness.
During outdoor use, the display of the phone is on the dimmer side, and while you can increase the brightness manually, sometimes even the maximum brightness is not enough.
The AMOLED display on the Samsung A7 2016 is better in this regard, although the color looks a bit too much.
There is perfect space for each interface, but the Amigo operating system, while clean, requires some innovative additions in particular.
Gionee S6 Pro runs Amigo 3.
2 skins on Android Marshmallow 6. 0.
All interface-related changes such as app drawer, drop-down menu or lock screen are omitted, which means the security of the phone and the management of the app are improved.
In Amigo OS you will find
The menu below is placed at the bottom, similar to the menu in the iPhone.
This may give a lot of room for notifications on drop-down scrolling, but switching loses its essence. Apple puts 4-
Small switching of the control center;
Gionee fills up the whole space with a dark, dimly lit icon, making a mess. {mosimage}
The home screen layout of the phone is simple, and the icon arrangement, text size, spacing, and graphic rendering are all good.
While Amigo offers many free themes to choose from, it also has a third-party wallpaper app that you can access from the settings menu.
With this, you can create a shortcut on the home screen to change the wallpaper immediately. The multi-
The screen feature is new when Amigo version 6 Pro is running.
But only for message applications.
If you receive a message while watching the video, it will transfer the video window to the other half of the screen.
The phone also features a number of third-party apps.
Some are useful, some are rubbish.
Become the first VR company
The S6 Pro, which is centered on smartphones, also has software integrated with the company's VR box.
Gionee bundle 3-
Free Saavn Music app subscription for a few months after purchase. In day-to-
Use on the same day, the interface is smooth.
Switching between open apps makes a fuss
Free with friends.
Although overall, compared to stocks, Android Amigo does not offer anything significant new or unique in terms of functionality other than different user interfaces.
Basic requirements for two virtual
Reality is a high resolution monitor and a top
Execute the processor.
Although Gionee S6 Pro is not serious in terms of price, both are insufficient. {mosimage}
Gionee S6 Pro runs on the MediaTek Helio P10 octa core processor with 4 gb ram and 64 GB storage.
The combination scored lower in the benchmark, showing the limits of the device.
Although benchmarking is not important, as described above, the interface is smooth and more
Task assignment is not a problem on S6 Pro.
The performance in the game, though good enough, may be to play high-
End the game like an internal explosion.
Please also note: The top phones purchased in November do not support fast charging.
Battery life is not amazing.
It takes more than 2 hours for you to fully charge, and the next day you need 100 of the battery and put it for a few more hours near the socket to doze off.
This is when you use 4G/Wi-
Spend the whole day surfing the Internet, texting, taking more than a dozen photos and uploading them, socializing online or entertaining yourself.
However, whether it's charging, gaming or charging more, the phone won't get hottasking.
This is a considerable achievement for all-metal-body smartphones.
Gionee S6 Pro is also my companion camera in the mountains and I took hundreds of photos with it.
The camera app is light and the shutter is quite fast, as is autofocus with PDAF on board.
But there are some problems.
Phone use 13-
Rear camera pixels.
Even photos taken in good ambient light lack the detail you expect from such a high level --
Resolution sensor.
The color is good, but the profile will start to break if you zoom in.
The camera has not been a clear success in landscape photography.
Please also read: want to upload high quality photos on Facebook, try these tips. Also, regardless of where the photo is taken, the frequency of shadows appearing in each photo is high.
Shooting in this context is a good example.
Although the ambient light is not too high and the face is focused, this is the only thing that can't be seen in the photo.
HDR can't solve the problem either.
On the other hand, the 8-pixel front camera of the phone provides very good results.
Pixels remain complete and work well at low level
Light conditions.
Surprisingly, it can capture more details than the post-shooter.
XPrevious next While Gionee gives you less reason to look elsewhere in the price field this time, its flagship phone S6 Pro is well crafted and well configured to experience fluency, there is some loose purpose to prevent us from giving us a full call recommendation. {mosimage}
This is a good enough phone.
It provides smooth performance (mostly)
No heating or freezing halfway through.
Considering the competitive power of the completely solid metal structure and hardware, its design is very complicated.
What the phone needs is a better rear camera.
Almost all the smartphones we tested
Asus Zenfone 3, Samsung Galaxy A7 2016, the latest Vivo V5 or Nexus 5X perform better than S6 Pro in this regard (and important)aspect.
If clicking on a photo with your phone is not something you do often, please select S6 Pro.
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