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glazed and diffused. - tinted polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-21
glazed and diffused.  -  tinted polycarbonate panels
Is there any problem?
All in all, glass.
It is heavy and easily broken and cannot form a transparent panel covering some of the most heads
Steering concept car.
But it has a big advantage over the ones that use the polycarbonate material.
Closed vehicle: wear resistance.
Designers want to use plastic to realize their wildest dreams, and the plastic industry wants to help them realize this dream and occupy the huge market for auto glass in the process. . .
But there's still the problem of scratching.
What is the solution?
Combine polycarbonate and glass to get the best quality of both.
At least this is the idea of Exatec (Wixom, MI)
A joint venture between GE Plastics and Bayer polymer.
Exatec developed a manufacturing process called Exatec 500, which uses plasma
Enhanced chemical vapor deposition using Micron-
There is a thick layer of silicon oxide on the polycarbonate panel, making them wear resistance similar to glass.
According to Peter Reisinger of Exatec, the idea has been around for a while, but it has never been done at mass --
Scale of production.
"We have a complete one here.
"We can demonstrate a very short cycle-time blow-making industrial process on large pieces," he explains . ". (
To better quantify this comment: the cycle time of the deposition process is about two minutes, and the device can handle 1 [panel]m. sup. 2]. )[
Slightly] Illustrations
Why better?
The glazed polycarbonate has three major advantages over the glass, which should be brought to the attention of the design engineer.
First of all, it is half the weight of the glass, so the visibility can be expanded with a larger transparent panel, and at the same time, the size of components such as window motors can be reduced to save space and money.
Second, the shape complexity that can be achieved with polycarbonate is far more than glass, which provides designers with the potential to create new design languages for greenhouses.
Third, unlike the glass that needs to be bonded or bolted, many parts, such as clips, pillar accessories and handles, can be molded to reduce the number of parts, Assembly complexity, and ultimately reduce the total cost.
In addition to this, you can use cheap in-
Mold applications, or illuminated from the inside with multi-color fibers that spread light into glowing panels, or are used to expose structural elements and form a "skeleton" on the wheel ".
"That is to say, the treatment already used by consumer product design leaders like Apple can be converted into cars.
What is the latest news?
Exatec's career has recently been driven by the design of new tools for injection compression molding created by Summerer Technologies (
The design allows smaller molding machines to manufacture larger panels with low molding
Under pressure and lower clamping force.
"This technology has changed the game," Reisinger said.
If you can use 2,000-
Ton Machine 1 【m. sup. 2]
You have a very good business case.
"Exatec has also developed a new ink for printing defrost agents, antennas and decorations that are suitable for use on complex surfaces and are bonded to panels during production
According to Reisinger, these latest developments, coupled with the growing maturity of the process, will put Exatec's 500 polyester panels on production vehicles in "up to a few years", adding that, several companies are currently negotiating the technology.
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