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glitter is litter campaign hits class of '19 - pet plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-27
glitter is litter campaign hits class of \'19  -  pet plastic
It's the graduation season, and the university campus is facing an ugly flash problem. Robe-
Texas A & M's exposed-wearing graduates are flocking to the most beautiful part of the campus to pose for photos in the sparkling plastic debris shower hem.
Joseph Johnson, garden manager at the new outdoor education center, said the colorful chaos left behind was almost impossible to clean up and threatened to rush into the nearby White Creek.
"As I walked through the garden, I kept getting the Flash," Johnson said . ".
"This is a problem on campus.
"Under the impetus of the stakes, Glitter has become a hot topic in social media --
Rising culture of pictures
Share websites like Instagram and Pinterest.
According to US data, about 10,000 tons are produced every year. K. -
Based on golden onion makerRonald Britton Co. , Ltd. Used in ever-
The more creative way is that sparkling plastic gives extra shine to photos, crafts, cosmetics and even car paint.
Many posers hit with flash-
A beard, tongue, or other part of the body.
But the problem is: all the flash is not good.
Once it lands on the ground, it's just rubbish, contributing to the growing plastic --
A pollution crisis that threatens the health of the world's wildlife and oceans.
Kate Melges, a senior marine activist at Greenpeace, said: "This is a problem that is very difficult to clean up . ".
"It poses a threat to our health and to our marine life.
Most importantly, "Is it really necessary? Not really.
"Flash pollution has become particularly serious on university campuses in California, USA.
Student groups and managers are adopting glitterislitterhashtag on social media to convey the message that glittering debris is damaging our environment.
Flash powder is usually made of PET or PET with a thin layer of aluminum on the back and cut into small pieces.
Tori Miller, a professor of materials science at North Carolina State University, said aluminum is not a big threat to the environment, but PET plastics could last for 1000.
Before that, she said, every piece of plastic would do harm to wildlife.
"All the plastic that has been made is still there, which is a bit scary," Miller said . ".
Like all microplastics defined as less than 5mm, there is no effective way to collect and recycle flash, and the wastewater system cannot capture small pieces, Miller said.
North Carolina's scenic campus location, such as the Memorial Clock Tower, has a "huge flash problem," she said ".
Marine debris in the United States is made of micro-plastic. S.
The State Oceanic Administration said.
The ocean currently has about 0. 15 billion tons of plastic waste, an increase of at least 8 million tons per year.
Don't blame the flash, Joe says the New Jersey invented by Colleran, sales general manager atMeadowbrook
Manufacturer based on flash.
Hate flash is just a distraction from the greater source of marine pollution, such as plastic bottles and snack packaging produced by Coca-Cola
Pepsi company, he says.
"The plastic pollution caused by flash is immeasurable," Colleran said . ".
"You can't find it in the ocean.
This is a farce about this issue.
That said, the company now has a cellulose --
Bio-based products
"May be jewelry for the future.
"We do what people want," he said . "
Jennifer shekel Carpenter, who has been filming graduates of Texas A & M since 1987, hates seeing the trash left by other photography courses.
On Monday morning, she found the keeper who tried to sweep the flash at the entrance of the campus, a popular spot for graduation photos.
The warning of the flash does not seem to help.
"People didn't notice it," Carpenter said . ".
"It has started over the past five years and has indeed picked up over the past year.
Just last month, 17 magazines ranked first.
1 Method of improving graduation pictures.
The sparkling again appeared in No.
"Because the glitter will make everything better," the magazine said . ".
It is not only schools that can cope with the consequences. In the U. K.
61 music festivals ban flash when singleuse plastics.
Burning people's day in Nevada has long banned sparkling plastics as organizers try to leave any traces at the annual Desert Party.
Tricia farreilly, an environmental anthropologist at Macy's University in New Zealand, hopes to have a glittering ban on a global scale.
She paints a sinister picture of the dangers of micro-plastics to "human, animal, soil, air and fresh and marine ecosystems.
At the same time, glitter is looking for new channels, including a sunscreen called sunscreen not Snot.
Ronald Britton is responding to the rebound with a product called plant waste.
Biodegradable derivative cellulose in water.
The company has increased its production capacity by five times since it launched biowaste in 2015, and sales more than doubled last year
Boss Stephen Coton
He said the cosmetics industry now sells more biowaste than the company's cheaper traditional products, and other markets are following up.
"Interest has exceeded all proportions," says Cotton . ".
The argument reminds Johnson of organized helium in Texas A & M.
Release of balloons from generation to generation
"In the end everyone realizes that something that goes up is going to drop, it's rubbish," Johnson said . ".
"Now we have a flash.
This is something new we must teach.
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