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google pixel 3a review: the best smartphone under $500 - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
google pixel 3a review: the best smartphone under $500  -  polycarbonate
For only $500, you can get a smart phone with excellent performance (Pocophone F1)
A good designXiaomi Mi 9)
Battery life (Moto G7 Power).
But you can't buy one with a great camera. Until now.
Pixel 3a Google has changed all our perception of midrangers.
It's a $400 smartphone with a camera that's better than any iPhone.
Yes, there are flaws, but please keep reading and see why Google has rewritten the rules we can expect with a budget of under $500.
Note: Pixel 3a (5. 6-inches)
And pixel 3a XL (6-inches)
In addition to the size and battery capacity, it is almost the same.
Unless specifically noted, I mean two phones when I mention pixel 3a. Design -
Does pixel 3a look familiar? It should.
At first glance, Google's midranger is almost the same as its flagship Pixel 3.
This means a relatively thick top and bottom baffle and two
The tone on the back is complete, but although Pixel 3 has been criticized for this, this design is perfectly acceptable on mid-range phones.
Yes, there is a compromise.
The most obvious thing is that Google has downgraded the glass to polycarbonate (
Wireless charging-goodbyemore later)
The clear, loud dual stereo speakers of pixel 3 have been replaced by dual, loud and less clear stereo speakers on pixel 3a.
But this price (
You will hear a lot of phrases in this review)
Nothing is inappropriate.
In addition, the quality of the building is very good.
The polycarbonate body is actually rougher than glass, and the brightly colored power buttons stand out from the crowd. There’s USB-
C. fast charging with a quick charger in the box (Dear Apple…)
It will be a trading manufacturer for many: Pixel 3a has a real headphone jack.
Pro Tip: Google brought its product
Leading fabric case for pixel 3a. Get one. Displays -
Google has launched a high-quality 1080 p OLED panel at this price point.
When the $799 iPhone XR has a 750 p LCD, this is a big achievement.
No, Gorilla Glass is not used in pixel 3a (
Cheap but still durable)
The display is not as bright as the display on the Pixel 3 line. up. But -being OLED -
They still have the perfect black color, rich in color and vibrant, better than anything you find at this price point.
The hue of pixel 3a is a little warmer than pixel 3a XL, so the hand
You may move in one direction or another.
Small bonus: the pixel 3a XL has a straight border, which means it doesn't have an ugly gap in the pixel 3 XL.
This is a victory in my book. Cameras -
IPhone XS, Galaxy S10 Killers, costs $400.
Google did produce a $400 smartphone with better points and shooting cameras than the iPhone XS and Galaxy S10 for a fraction of the price.
Is it exactly the same as pixel 3?
Not exactly, although the specification shows that the most obvious difference is the front
Face the camera on pixel 3a.
It lacks 19mm and 28mm ultra-wide lenses for Pixel 3, but it makes up for this with a 24mm-wide module that sits between the standard module and the ultra-wide module in pixel 3, the hardware is just as good.
The image processing of pixel 3a is not very good.
Yes, it's still top notch in itself, surpassing the best levels Apple and Samsung can achieve, but the price cut means it lacks the pixel vision core (
There is a special image processing chip in the pixel 3)
Sometimes you notice the difference.
For example, pixel 3a does not remove sunspots better in computing than pixel 3, it takes longer to process photos, but the result is still a huge achievement, and (whisper it)
A little better occasionallyGripes?
Video is not a strong point of pixel 3a (
Because it's not Pixel 3)
However, due to the excellent image stability, it still stands out in the competition for $400.
Frankly, you can also see the night scene, which embarrasses the iPhone, and the new time lapse mode hits all the pixels with the camera app update.
What you don't get is the dual or three rear cameras of some competitors (
No pixel 3 either)
But the main function of the camera is point and shoot, where pixel 3 and pixel 3a stand above their more cunning opponents.
For example, Huawei's Mate 30 Pro has an amazing zoom lens, but it can't compete with pixel 3a in the case of standard points and well-lit shots. Performance -
Great, Pixel 3a gives the user the best Android, I mean: pure Android.
Google also promised to provide the next generation of Android, and all updates will come immediately.
Samsung's boss will die for it.
This is another trading maker for many people.
In addition, despite the mid-range processor, the performance is excellent.
Pixel 3a responds quickly, and the touch behind pixel 3 is barely noticeable in the loading application.
One caveat: over time, Google's Pixel has a tendency to slow down, so I'm not willing to give it a pass when Pixel 3a goes straight out of the box.
This is the spec difference: Yes, there is 4 gb of RAM.
At the price point of pixel 3a, the annoying disadvantage of pixel 3 is completely tolerable.
You will hear a lot, I told you.
Professional tip: disable digital benefits.
Currently, this proves to be a major performance drag on all Pixel phones, especially with age. Switch it off. Battery Life -
Surprisingly, Google has increased the battery capacity of the Pixel 3a range compared to Pixel 3: combining this boost with a lower resolution of Pixel 3a and a less powerful chipset, you do have more than flagship stable mid-range phones.
In fact, Pixel 3a XL is the longest latest smartphone I have ever used (I’m getting 5.
Screen 5 hours-on time)
IPhone XR than Apple (
Maybe it's not surprising).
Charging is also good.
No, there is no wireless charge due to the back of the polycarbonate, but you can charge it quickly wired (
Fast Charger included. . . Apple)
Available for up to 7 hours in 15 minutes from the apartment.
Charging speed is indeed slower than the capacity of 50%, but the advantage of being able to increase fast charging is
Charging can not be exaggerated when running low.
Again, this is a prominent feature of buyers at this price point.
Price and storage
Google's game changed the price.
It might be nice if Pixel 3a has the option of 128 GB, but you can get unlimited photo backups in Google Photos with high quality (
This is the original quality for Pixel 3 owners, but you will hardly notice the difference).
In short: it is impossible to look at the past from the head --
Change the price of pixel 3a, unless you have the money to burn, it makes little sense to buy pixel 3 now.
Pixel 3a redefines your expectations for mid-range smartphones.
No company dares to bring its flagship (
In the case of pixels, class-leading)
The camera goes to a device below $500, which means that the pixel 3a is not equal.
It's the rebirth of the Nexus series, and in the best way, my biggest complaint is that Google didn't call it the Nexus because "3a" is confusing.
Yes, you can get OnePlus 7 Pro for $699, but that's $300 more than Pixel 3a.
500 distance from OnePlus 7 ($640)
But it won't show up in the US, and neither model can use a pixel 3a camera.
Should you choose pixel 3a or pixel 3a XL?
Since both have excellent battery life, it can be attributed to the screen size.
Personally, I prefer to use the phone in one hand, so this is pixel 3a for me, but there is no wrong answer here.
I'll say again, at this price, any one will surprise you.
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