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google’s pixel 3a has the best camera of any budget phone - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
google’s pixel 3a has the best camera of any budget phone  -  polycarbonate
Google's new smartphone, Pixel 3a, is the best budget option for anyone who mainly uses their phones to take photos.
This is basically a scale.
Google released the next version of the full fat pixel 3 at the end of last year to compete with XS.
Because it is a pixel, it carries a very clean version of Google's Android operating system and will be the first choice for security patches and software updates.
But that's not the main reason for buying the phone.
The main reason is the excellent camera and the price point of 399level version.
We have reached the point where the company is offering top products without blinking --
The price of smartphones is between 800 and thousands.
The Web contract may cover up the cost, but it certainly remains.
So the fact that Google has launched 3a and its larger brother 3a XL is refreshing.
If your phone is mainly used for cameras and camerasrelated apps (
Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, etc)
Then you will find that there are a lot of favorite places in the latest pixels. The rear-
Faced with the same camera as the main pixel 3, many tech critics have found this to be the best in the industry.
It doesn't have three lenses like some of the latest phones, so the zoom effect is not very good, but the software
The base handling under the hood is second to none.
Google's night vision means low
Pixel 3a light photography is usually better than iPhone XS or XR.
It extracts and processes details very accurately.
Unfortunately, it did drop a bit while recording the video.
To lower the price, Google made some concessions: because Google has replaced polycarbonate with glass, the quality of the building has decreased compared to the major Pixel phones.
This also means that there is no wireless charge for 3a or 3a XL.
And in the rear-
Facing the camera is the same as the main pixel, the selfie camera misses the ultra-wide lens of 19mm and 28mm, which gives the pixel a wide range of groups
Selfie function.
But since Google has so much photography capability through software, 3a may provide it with more functionality in a timely manner.
For example, a new pattern of time lapse is in progress in future updates.
Although the processors on 3a and 3a XL are not top-notchof-the-
Most people don't notice any difference.
If you put it next to the flagship Pixel, you'll find it takes a second to launch the app, but in fact it doesn't interfere with everyday lifeto-day usage.
In addition, Google also brought back the headphone jack for the phone.
The company has managed to redefine our expectations for a "budget" phone with pixel 3a and prove that you don't need to spend a huge amount on a great gadget.
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