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grading down - metalized plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-14
grading down  -  metalized plastic film
When down was discussed in the last article-
The complications of circulating plastic and mixing different types of plastic, this time will go deep into the details of the plastic and learn to choose wisely.
Once you isolate the plastic at home, look for the resin code.
The SPI resin code recognition system is a series of symbols that should be marked on each piece of plastic to help separate different grades from each other.
Every time the plastic is gone
Loop, which provides a lower level than when it started.
And the whole downside-
The recycling process uses a lot of energy and chemical synthesis additives are added to the mixture, making the whole process very dangerous and toxic.
To better manage our plastic footprint, we need to understand four important concepts.
First, plastic needs to be identified with resin code for proper classification and processing.
It must be of high quality in order to make a lower level product after the dropcycling.
Second, the quality is graded (type)and Gauge (
Thickness (in micron).
Entering the processing cycle must be "pure.
Third, too many colors and additives are not good.
Also should not be mixed with other forms such as metalcoated plastic.
Finally, it should be clean when we send out the plastic, no food and liquid fragments stick to it.
Using these concepts, let's check some of the common plastic items in the home to see if it passescycling test:1.
Mineral water bottles: These bottles are usually made of low-specification PET.
The instructions on the package require you to crush the bottle after use.
Their goal is one.
Use time only, if re-use
Store other liquids at home and begin to dissolve chemicals into the contents.
Your best choice is to carry your own bottle with you (
Preferably steel or glass)
Instead of encouraging PET bottles. 2.
Plastic shopping bags: they are usually made of high density polyethylene or low density polyethylene.
Thick high density polyethylene bag can be put down
Loop if it is not printed with many colors or graphics.
The thin black bag used by your vegetable or flower supplier is low density polyethylene.
They are already very low spec so can't dropcycled.
A better option is to bring your own cloth or yellow sacks when you go to the store. 3. Take-
Away from food containers: These containers are made of low-spec PET, which is obvious because they have cracks after one use.
This can't come down-cycled.
If we do not clean up the food residue correctly, these containers will certainly not enter belowcycling stream.
Responsible for and reduce takeoutaways.
If you often order at the same restaurant, give them your own cutlery. 4. Ready-to-
Snacks: metal plastic used in cookies and chips is a special threat.
Not only is it impossible-
Cycle, but also use precious metal resources for the most vulnerable reasons-keep junk food brittle.
You can do yourself a favor and minimize your consumption.
Plastic is an important and useful material.
It is light and cheap. it is an electrical insulator.
For example, you can't make a mobile phone charger entirely in metal;
It needs a plastic cover for safety.
It is also possible for this charger to be used for several years, proving that the use of plastic is reasonable.
What causes environmental cancer is the blind and indiscriminate use of plastic.
Therefore, you should always ask yourself the following questions:
Do I need this plastic product?
Is it for an important reason why I use it?
Will this project last for a long time?
If not, look for a more sustainable alternative.
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