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graphene-based nanolaminates as ultra-high permeation barriers - high barrier packaging films

by:Cailong     2019-07-10
graphene-based nanolaminates as ultra-high permeation barriers  -  high barrier packaging films
Penetration barrier film is essential for a wide range of applications.
In particular, organic electronics and photovoltaic products.
In addition to optical transparency, a low penetration value is required.
Therefore, the laminated structure allows synergy between different materials.
Here we report the chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
Atomic layer deposition (ALD)
Create a few in a scalable way-
Based on nanolaminates.
The resulting ~ Continuous flexible graphene at 10 nm-
Based on the optical transparency of the film with> 90% and showing water vapor below 7 × 10-3 × g/m2/day measured on an area of 5 × 2. 2
We deploy these films to provide efficient packaging for organic light.
Half of the measurement
Life span of 880 km/h in the environment.
Gas and water penetration barrier film plays a vital role in applications such as food and drug packaging to electronic equipment.
Many organic or electrode materials are highly sensitive to moisture and oxygen, therefore, E. G. g.
, Almost all organic photoelectric applications, such as organic light-
Efficient packaging is required.
The maximum allowable penetration rate depends on the lifetime required for each particular application, so these rates have been debated.
Organic optoelectronic devices, for example, often have the most stringent requirements and are therefore often used as Superbarrier films.
A common package for organic devices is glass or metal foil, however, this package is not suitable for more and more applications
Areas are required, flexible or transparent.
Atomic layers of deposition (ALD)
Films such as alumina (AlO)
It's a pretty good barrier.
According to the quality of use and
Deposition treatment, which shows the rate of water vapor transfer (WVTR)
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