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graphene/elastomer composite-based photo-thermal nanopositioners - black acrylic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-11
graphene/elastomer composite-based photo-thermal nanopositioners  -  black acrylic sheet
Adding nano-materials to the polymer can not only significantly improve the performance of the materials, but also help to create new composite functions.
By dispersing graphene nanoparticles (GNPs)
In the polydithionone matrix, we show that the efficient light absorption of GNPs and the subsequent energy transfer to the polymer chain can be used to produce a large amount of movement through pre-stretched entropy elastic control
Strain composite material
Using a dual actuator, twoaxis sub-
Micron-level resolution is developed, allowing two-level resolutionaxis photo-
Thermal positioning (
About 100 μm per axis)
With 120nm resolution (
Feedback sensor limit)
And ~ Drive speed of 5 μm/s.
The PID control loop automatically stabilizes the stage from the effects of thermal drift and random thermal drift
Fluctuations in positions caused (
Bandwidth up to feedback and position sensors).
~ The maximum execution efficiency value of 0.
03% was measured, about 1000 times more than the recently reported light measurement
Drive the polymer system.
Research-grade GNPs were purchased from cheap tube companies(
> M/g surface area,
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