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greenhouses: why polycarbonate beats glass - transparent polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
greenhouses: why polycarbonate beats glass  -  transparent polycarbonate sheet
I think I'm a bit of traditionalism deep inside, and if challenged, I'll protect the glass as the best material for greenhouses, cold frames, etc.
Any "work" garden with a vibrant and beautiful greenhouse, and some cold frames, with clusters of plants at different stages of training or development, makes me compare
Now it seems like I was left behind.
Many gardeners in Europe
Germany in particular)
We use polycarbonate instead of glass, and here we basically don't know many of its advantages.
With the huge trend of "planting by yourself", more and more gardeners find that if you have some space for permanent coverage, you can plant plants in an environment, in which, they can establish a stage where they are less susceptible to weather changes or hunger pests.
If assessed purely from a financial point of view, a return period for a traditional pukka greenhouse may make it cheaper for your vegetables to ship from Fortnum every week. But off-the-
The starting point of the Peg polycarbonate greenhouse is less than 200, and the appearance has been greatly improved, and it can be easily assembled by two people in one day.
I have been aware of the shortcomings of polycarbonate over the years, but now, with the emergence of new coatings and processes, it is better quality than glass in many ways.
I took care of my plants in the greenhouse last year. home-
Made of recycled windows with double
Roof ()
A sparrow flew in at a speed that made Harris, the local Royal Air Force, look dull.
It hits the glass and becomes very wide.
When it bounced back into a pot of penstemon inserts in a cluster of glass, the eyes were wide open.
It survived the ordeal, which made the local songbirds very disgusted, but of course I had to go to the local glass workers to change a panel.
In a recent presentation, the sales team provided a hammer to passers-by and promised that there would be a free greenhouse if they could break a polycarbonate film.
Despite great efforts, no one has succeeded.
Since my cold frame is low in height and has a gentle tilt, it is easier to break.
As we all know, the wild chickens will fall from them, and the apples will give them pepper in the fall, and even accidentally opening and closing will break them.
In addition to longevity, the safety factor of polycarbonate on glass-especially when young children or elderly people are involved-is a great advantage.
Insulation performance is another concern for me.
Does the Polycarbonate board retain the heat emitted from the ground at night?
It was vital in my greenhouse, where I spent the winter with silver chrysanthemum, tender roots, citrus and other prizes.
I have a small electric heater on the thermostat that keeps it frosts --free.
How to use greenhouses in greenhouses to cope with next year's color pests and diseases how to design the perfect greenhouse three best greenhouses: the thermal insulation of mini greenhouse materials is the "R" value.
Garden Glass is generally 3mm thick and has an R value of 0 in one layer.
93 although clear, single
A layer pc with a value of 0 retains slightly less heat. 83.
So, in order to maintain a comfortable level, I need to use a foam package or add wool to the tender plants in cold weather.
However, if I choose 4mm pairs
Obviously, the most popular in Germany is the wall pc, and the "R" value has risen sharply to 1.
42. It also helps to reduce my electricity bill.
So I just replaced the glass on the frame with transparent twins.
It's a bit expensive, like this.
A piece of glass of 3mm Garden Glass, suitable for my Dutch photo frame (725 x 1420mm)costs £14.
05, and 4mm pairs
The price of the wall panel is 21. 27.
Of course, it will be much longer than cheap glass; it has a 10-
But, obviously, the guarantee for one year should be much longer than that.
Polycarbonate has a vague reputation over time, which is the so-called yellow index, but these problems have been overcome as new membranes develop. With the twin-
Cutting into large and small wall materials, you do need to put special tape on the cutting end to prevent moisture from entering and prevent algae from spreading into it.
As a gardener, another concern is the amount of light that is obtained through my plants. Single-
The skin polycarbonate has around 94-
Light transmission compared to the value 97-3mm glass98 per cent;
The Polyester value of 4mm is 80-84 per cent.
Although the transmission value of the latter looks much lower than the glass, because it becomes more dispersed when the light goes through the double wall, this means that it will penetrate into areas where the light emitted through the glass does not penetrate, so this may be a considerable advantage. In my lean-
Go to the greenhouse, where I have a twin
Wall pc roof with glass edge, light for double workers
The wall panel has a huge advantage over the glass as I only need very little wood to support it.
Its location means you don't know the aesthetics of the garden, only inside the building.
With modern greenhouses, the number of supporting structures has been significantly reduced, allowing for better penetration of light, lower ventilation potential and make it more beneficial to bank balances.
The last advantage for us naked gardeners is that polycarbonate can filter out almost all the harmful UV rays, so you don't need to worry about sunburn.
Buy from good garden center, DIY store, wicket and Palram (see right).
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