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grenfell fire survivors and bereaved to help to decide 'most fitting' tribute after new memorial commission announced - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
grenfell fire survivors and bereaved to help to decide \'most fitting\' tribute after new memorial commission announced  -  black plastic sheeting
The Grenfell Tower memorial committee will be responsible for determining the location of the disaster and the situation of the survivors, and the victims and local residents will decide "the most appropriate and appropriate way" to commemorate the 72 victims of the tragedy.
The survivor group grenfelldescribed described the construction of the monument as a "major task" that would help to keep the tragedy in the minds of future generations.
The committee will consist of 10 members of the community who will sit with delegates from the public authorities, including the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, housing, community and local government departments.
Although the Commission has no administrative authority, it will submit a report setting out its views on how to use the site of North Kensington, the design of the memorial and how it will own and manage it.
The work of the memorial committee is expected to take at least one year, MCLG said.
The building is currently wrapped in white plastic cloth with a banner with a green heart shape on it, but there is still concern that the tower will cause pain.
On Wednesday, it was reported that in the year after the tragedy, about 1,200 people who were injured by the grenfelltower fire were treated for mental health.
The representative of nhspresentatives will participate in the Commemorative Committee.
Despite concerns about mental health, community members say they want to use the shell of the tower as a symbol of what they call the dire consequences of government austerity.
Antonio rancorato fled the 10 th floor high
The fire rose that night and told The Independent that the tower needed to be removed, but "some burning parts of the tower had to be left there as a reminder ".
"We have to have a constant reminder so it doesn't happen again.
"You can have all the beautiful things you want-fountains, statues with the names of the victims . . . . . . But we have to remind you a little bit about the cold truth, the black truth.
It's an ugly thing, but it has to be there.
Local residents also expressed concern about the demolition process.
Tomassina Hessel, who evacuated from the sidewalk next to the tower, told The Independent: "First of all, there is no health and safety or asbestos plan, so residents are very worried about the impact on their health in the process.
"There are also objections to plans to dump the remains on the ground outside the leisure center (
Next to the website)
Right outside the residential property.
She said that the current plan is to remove debris from the demolition of the apartment and make way for machinery and construction vehicles that residents have turned. The community-
The elected members of the memorial committee will include five people who lost their loved ones due to the fire, three former glenferretta residents who lost their homes, and two delegates from Grand Lancaster West Manor.
They say the sound of losing loved ones will carry the maximum weight, equivalent to a representative vote of 50.
Adel Chaoui of Grenfell United said: "It is a major task to establish a suitable monument at the site of Grenfell Tower.
"For families who have lost their loved ones, this is the last resting place for our loved ones lost in the fire.
For the survivors, GrenfellTower is our home, where we are raised and raised to support our families.
This is part of our common history for our community.
"We believe that families and survivors of the victims who work with the local community will be able to set up a proper monument to commemorate the victims and ensure that what happens will never be forgotten, and become something that this community can hold in the minds of generations to come.
James brokenhill, secretary of state in charge of community affairs, said: "The government has been working with the community to establish a suitable monument, and the prime minister personally promised the families of the deceased, survivors and communities will determine the future of the Grenfell Tower site.
"This is an important step in fulfilling this commitment and it is right for the community to identify the most appropriate way to honor those who have lost their lives.
"It is reported that no matter what advice the Commission has made to the site, Grenfell Tower will remain until 2022, as the remains of the tower are allegedly required for the purposes of public investigation of the evidence of the disaster.
The demolition of the building is estimated to take 18 months, involving the following floorsby-
The floor was demolished because it was close to residential buildings and middle schools.
The announcement of the memorial board came after the National Memorial and Museum announced on September 11 that it would give seedlings from the "Survivor Tree" to the north Kensington community.
The factory recovered from the ruins of the World Trade Center after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and recovered its health.
Saplings will grow into "landmarks that symbolize resilience and hope," the memorial said ".
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