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Ground rules: the art of disguise - clear plastic corrugated sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-14
Ground rules: the art of disguise  -  clear plastic corrugated sheets
Compost equipment lurks in the dark corners, and oil or gas tanks can be clearly seen.
In some cases, the boiler itself lives in the garden.
As a result, the less decent facilities for disguised houses and families are an important aspect of garden design.
Oil and gas tanks need to be easy to access and easy to transport trucks to arrive (
Some truck drivers seem to be programmed to track pipes on plants).
The coal bunker can provide storage of other fuels such as firewood and coal.
There are some fairly attractive designs to choose from, but they still tend to stand out wherever they are.
Garbage cans are not pleasing to the eye.
Unfortunately they need to be close to the kitchen door
Although far enough, unpleasant smells can be retained in the Bay.
Not only is it ugly and difficult to disguise, but the objects fixed in place are the bane of many gardens.
With a new house, the location of manhole covers, power and utility poles-
In the septic tank of the country garden
Need to discuss with the architect at an early stage.
If the manhole covers can be placed in the bush layer, they can enter but cannot be seen.
The blind spot in the garden may be a great asset.
Many houses have an area behind the garage that is hidden behind all the windows.
Make this your glory hole, your landfill.
Sift it out of the garden and make it no-
Go all the places except the people you are closest.
The most natural plant
What looks like camouflage, but also useful is the walls of wooden fences, grid screens, and bricks or stones.
Screens made of these materials will benefit from a layer of plant covering.
For the trolley, you need a gap large enough, ideally at one end of the hedge so that anyone passing through the gap can only see more hedges.
Alternatively, plant a side of the hedge of about 4ft in front of the other side so that it overlaps and hides the gap.
Evergreen shrubs that do not require regular pruning can be effectively screened permanently.
The stuff hidden behind the ripe, large mixed cuckoo or thick mountain tea is amazing.
To make a panel fence, use the 4in by 4in treated timber fence posts, or install them in a proprietary metal fence nail driven to the ground, or dig the pillars and concrete to check if they are down on a spiritual level.
Use galvanized nails to fix the guardrail plate on the post. For vertical-
Board fencing, board-each 5-
6ft high, 6 in wide, 1 in thick-
The top and bottom are nailed to two parallel, 3in-by-
Runner fixed between columns.
In order to let the air pass, the board spacing is 1in.
The wood screens can be dyed to help them blend into the surroundings.
Use them as support for climbers and plant independent shrubs in front of them.
Place the stake on the ground and fix the net on the stake.
Before firmly pushing the pin in, be sure to mark the location of the fuel pipe.
In the terrace area, install a recessed manhole cover flush with the surrounding surface and simply put a large wooden barrel or planted container on it to disguise it.
Just move the container for instant access.
Gravel on the surface of the septic tank or manhole is an effective camouflage and gravel is easily removed for entry.
When you need to find the manhole cover again, just poke your foot on the gravel and listen to the hollow sound.
The area 6ft by 6ft is about the right size and the container should be about 5ft high.
In order to make a slot that the removable side will run, a pair of 1in by 1 in slats are connected along the inner surface of the post using a galvanized nail, leaving a gap of 2in between the slats.
Then simply slide the 6in by 1 in plate down the groove made of the Batten.
Raising the base on the brick allows the air to penetrate under the pile.
The waterproof cover can be made from a carpet nailed to the wooden frame and covered with polyethylene.
The corrugated plastic sheet is light when filling.
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