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growing pains - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-05
growing pains  -  black plastic sheeting
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It is dense;
It seems to have leaked out of the driveway.
Hiding on a quiet street dozens of meters between each house in the suburbs of Winnipeg, this smell comes from the illegal cultivation of marijuana;
It softens the bottom line of the drug trade. But not always;
In addition, more and more people are smelling the smell of marijuana in families that use it legally all over the city.
And with the federal government legalizing cannabis sales for recreational use next summer, sales of cannabis in Winnipeg will become more common.
Recently, a freelance media journalist and photographer was given unprecedented access to the Winnipeg police station, which recorded an illegal increase --opto see first-
What does it look like before it is carefully removed and shipped away as evidence.
That's why we stand on a gravel road in a sparsely populated community near the edge of the city.
Police concluded in surveillance hours before the demolition that there might be only one person in it.
The police tactics team always has a plan on how to get into the house, but they want to knock on the door and identify the shouts"Police! " —will suffice.
They will ignore it.
The soliciting sign on a tree.
Advanced Protective equipment with you
Just before the sun rises, power weapons are scattered in the woods that surround their homes.
They are ready to move as soon as they receive the signal.
They did not receive it;
The man in the House didn't know about the activities outside, he opened the door and walked to the end of the driveway to surprise everyone and let Winnipeg Press the mailbox free of charge for the day.
While the police were waiting.
A few minutes later the back door opened and we walked inside and followed several police officers down to the basement, hit by the scent.
There are several temporary rooms built by two. by-
4 pieces and plastic cloth.
We were also welcomed by some whimsical ideas.
Under the sign of "dangerous high pressure" is a flat fake rock with floral artwork and the words "My Secret Garden" on it.
"The hum of the fan is constant, and when the corridors between these rooms are in shadows, bright light can be seen through opaque plastic and temporary doors.
We can see an official opensa door inside.
These plants are the same as the large black plastic pots sold in the local greenhouse.
Each plant has a unique jagged shape.
The leaves on the edge are surrounded by tomato cages to make sure it grows vertically and does not fall.
They are too tight to squeeze together and it's hard to figure out how many people are in this "room", but at least 24 people, almost all of them high. Only one room.
Other plants at different stages of development
From seedlings or clones, to primary plants, to mature plants with buds --or "flowers" —
Prepare for harvest. "Every grow-
The Op will plant plants in three stages, "said an official who was unable to identify himself due to undercover work.
"They will create walls to separate the stages.
They were given 24-hour fluorescent lights during the cloning state. They used 600-watt high-
There are wattage bulbs here.
In the next room, there are plants in the "vegetable" or nutrition stage;
Before the lighting time is reduced, the plant grows to the size desired by the grower to encourage the plant to enter the flowering stage and produce buds.
The last step is marijuana that people use.
"This man, I don't know why, but he put the cloned plants with his vegetables," the official said . ".
"Maybe he ran out of the room?
"There are no discolored leaves in this place.
They are all vibrant green.
Clearly, the Growler has a green thumb.
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