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gruesome slaying: ‘like i was slicing chicken’ - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
gruesome slaying: ‘like i was slicing chicken’  -  clear plastic sheets
Bruce Blackwood was murdered by his handyman Luis Perez about a decade ago, but his murderer has just been convicted.
Source: Mr. supply Luis Perez believes he committed the perfect murder.
No bodies.
No fingerprints and DNA to connect 49-year-
Bruce Blackwood murder 2006
But in a series of recorded conversations, he boasted about choking and cutting pieces when he was in his 50 s. year-
The old victim and subsequent meticulous cleaning work led to Mr. Perez's eventual ouster in a New York court nearly a decade later.
Prosecutors have made convincing allegations against the former handyman that the horrific murder case was "cunning, methodical and premeditated ".
The evidence is very convincing. The jury took only three.
The time for Monday's verdict in Brooklyn's Supreme Court.
Mr. Blackwood's body was never found.
For more than a month, jurors have heard chilling testimony, including the recorded conversation described by Mr. Perez: "I have to give up.
I will cut like a chicken. ".
Mr. Perez was found guilty of second offence.
After dismembering Mr. Blackwood in his Brooklyn property, the victim found that the handyman he hired had forged a cheque of $7700.
"He did everything possible to escape justice," Assistant District Attorney Melissa carwahar said in a final debate . ".
"Bruce Blackwood is not gone.
He did not fall from this earth. He is dead.
Bruce Blackwood was murdered.
The fact is clear.
It was done by Luis Perez.
Prior to his arrest, Peres spent 18 years in a prison in Massachusetts for trying to kill his wife and stepdaughter.
Perez will face a 25-year life sentence when sentenced in October 13.
Luis Perez was convicted of murdering Bruce Blackwood.
Source: Recipe for murder
Bruce Blackwood was killed in an apartment in the complex on 2006.
Source: during the month before his death, Mr. Blackwood was basically unaware of criminal activity around him.
In February 2006, he bought a property in Brooklyn, New York, trying to renovate the building and rent an apartment.
He posted a classified ad looking for a handyman to get involved in the project and eventually he met and hired Luis Perez.
The two reached an agreement that Mr. Perez would be staying in the property during the renovation.
But when Mr Perez discovered Mr Blackwood's checkbook, things changed dramatically, and he held the financial issues in his own hands.
Every day from February 17
Mr. Perez wrote himself a check for $500, sometimes twice a day.
Twelve articles were written in total.
But that is not enough for Mr Perez. He wanted more.
"He's going to kill him.
He plans to torture him and get his bank number and PIN number, "said a witness who was working with Mr. Peres at the time.
"He said he was going to put him in a chair, tape him up, torture him, and let him give him all the money and the password.
He mentioned it a few times.
He said, 'Are you disappointed with it?
He asked me if I would like to help him get rid of Mr Blackwood.
He told me after he was going to cut him into pieces and handle it in a plastic bag.
Mr. Blackwood found evidence of a forged check five days before his disappearance.
He went to the police and was told to come back with proper evidence.
He spoke to his friend Diane Mason that night.
Smith told her that he would face off with Mr. Perez at the Brooklyn apartment building.
It was Thursday night.
He plans to fight Mr Perez on Monday, March 6, the day he was murdered.
This is the last time close friends talk to each other.
On Monday morning, Mr. Blackwood returned to the hotel and confronted Mr. Perez with the stolen cheque.
At 10: 45 that morning, he made the last call.
Mr Blackwood called work and told them he couldn't come in because he slipped and his head hit the tub. He’s lying.
Mr. Blackwood lives in Queens and cell phone records show that he was in a Brooklyn property when he called and was with Mr. Perez.
The evidence suggests that Mr. Perez was holding a toy gun on Mr. Blackwood's head, packing it with a black shield faucet and forcing him to make a phone call.
Mr Blackwood will never be heard again.
Although Perez was convicted of killing Mr. Blackwood in the apartment, it took him nine years to be brought to justice.
Source: from the missing person to the murder, there was a lack of evidence when Mr. Blackwood went missing, causing the police to close the case coldly.
It was not until 2011 that his family and a retired detective lobbied the New York Police Department to make the case a homicide case that he was listed as missing.
At that time, the New York Daily News published a report about the fifth anniversary of Blackwood's disappearance, which Peres's daughter discovered and contacted the police.
"I know the people who killed Bruce Blackwood," Peres MS allegedly told the authorities . ".
When asked who it was and how it was answered, she replied: "It was my father because he told me ".
"She said she was afraid to go home," said Detective Wendell Stradford of The New York police cold case team.
During the trial, the prosecution secretly broadcast a recording of the conversation between Mr. Peres and his daughter, Irene Peres, on 2011.
MS Peres has become a key witness to the trial of the prosecutor;
It was these calls that led to the authorities allegations against Mr. Perez.
In a conversation on August 1, Perez admitted to killing Blackwood because "he found out" the plan to fake the check.
Perez told her father: "This is unfair to Blackwood's family . " MS.
"They don't have places to visit and they don't have places to close.
God bless you.
I want to go to a place on Father's Day, and these people don't. ”He laughs. “He found out.
I won't rot.
I don't want to go back to prison.
"Did you do it on purpose? ” Irene asks. “Yes.
I do what I have to do.
Now I know how to destroy a mother.
Perez pleaded, "you don't make me think it's the one who killed people and hacked them to death . " MS.
"When sh * t hits the fan, I don't know any other way to solve the problem.
I am very angry. I am very anxious.
I did what I had to do.
Never let the witness live, because if you do, it will be a failure for the rest of your life.
"Don't look at law and order or CSI, you have to look at the minds of criminals," Perez said . " He said before conveying the fact that he did not want to be famous for killing people. “They [police]
I can't find Mr Blackwood because if they do, my fingerprints will be all over his neck.
"I broke his neck, but I really don't want it, I just want him to sleep.
"I choked so badly that I broke his neck.
I have to deal with things myself.
He told me the police would pick me up and arrest me. I wasn’t going;
I don't want to go back to prison.
I'm like "Man, you ".
"I'm not going to do that, but that's something I can't elaborate on, you know.
"Later, during the trial, an explosive phone call from Mr. Peres revealed when he was released from prison.
Mr. Perez called his daughter from Rick Island, the city's notorious prison, on September 12, 2015.
More than a week later, MS Perez testified as an important witness.
The recorded conversation was spoken in Spanish and was translated and read by Assistant District Attorney Melissa carwahar as a juror.
"There is a way to get you and I out of this dilemma. You heard? Mr. Perez said.
"Okay," answered MS Perez.
"All you have to do is say they threaten you.
If they ask you to sit in a chair and talk, you say the same thing, they threaten you, wait, and then you start to cry and everything doesn't happen.
"Okay," Ms. Perez replied ".
"Tell others what's going on ". “OK”.
"I love you, my dear.
Perez boasted about his cleaning method to his daughter, Irene Perez.
Source: Mr. Perez detailed in the recorded conversation how he suffocated and chopped Mr. Blackwood, and how he carefully cleaned the apartment with the hospital
Grade bleach and heavy-
To get rid of the evidence on site, powdered powder carpet cleaner.
"This is not a crime of perfect beauty --
"It's just how well you clean it up," he said . ".
"I put the body in a garbage bag.
I put everything in the garbage bag.
I cleaned the area and bleached everything.
Mr. Perez described how he used heavy plastic sheets in the apartment, where the authorities thought he had chopped the body, before scrubbing the blood splash and pouring the bleach into the sewer to remove the residual blood.
"I put the plastic all the way down and I did what I had to do.
They will never find out that I did a good job of concealing it.
"I'm doing my sh * t completely.
I cleaned the whole room for five hours and bleached the walls and everything.
There was a time when I had to stop because there was so much bleach, so you know I had to use some fabric softener.
He also borrowed an industrial carpet cleaner from his neighbors and again described the use of fabric softener after becoming "light": "It smells good, so I put sh *
"The best place to kill someone is the tile, but I have the carpet from the wall to the wall," Mr Perez said . ".
The authorities never found any foul marks at the scene.
"You know bleach will take blood away. [But]
Things are stuck in the pipe, the blood is splashing in the bathtub, you can wash it with f * cking Ajax, and the blood of vics will still be there.
"How did you get the blood out of the tub? Asked Perez MS. “Bleach.
You draw blood from anything with bleach.
Bleach with no smell will kill everything.
"I put the big building plastic down, the real thick plastic.
That's how I put it down.
I put it on the floor.
I use garbage bags when everything is done.
"Even if you use bleach, how do you know that 100 of everything is cleaned up? " Ms Perez asked ? "?
"Because I cleaned it up myself," Mr. Perez replied . ".
"You have to know how to clean it.
I know it's been used before and it will surprise you.
I used 12 cans of Draino, I used 2 boxes of dust bleach and I used 15 boxes of liquid bleach.
I put four bottles of drain in the tube first, I ran cold water, I let it burn, no matter what is stuck on the tube, all of this is clean.
"This is the best way to cover your tracks.
You may miss an f * cking place, but that little place will put you in jail for the rest of your life. Bag it up.
Do it on a small scale.
After he finished, he told her, "I sat down and smoked a cigarette.
A few days after the murder, Mr. Perez's
Girlfriend Irene Michaux saw her lover tear down a saw and put parts of the saw in a garbage bag.
He is wearing latex gloves.
Michael testified in court: "he said, 'Bruce is gone and he won't be back '. MS.
"The police will never find Bruce Blackwood.
I'm going to do a physical examination for him.
They will never find him.
"He told me, 'Don't say anything '.
He said he would come to me and my family if I said anything.
Perez said he cut Blackwood's body into small pieces for easy disposal.
Source: where is the supply body?
After choking Mr Blackwood to death, Mr Perez realized that he had to throw away his body. His plan? Dismembering.
The smaller the part, the easier it is to get rid of the body without anyone noticing it.
In addition to various cleaning supplies, the prosecutor also introduced the inventory of weapons found at the murder site, including two hunting knives, a kitchen knife, a meat cutter and a "saw" blade.
"You also used machetes?
Asked Erin Perez in the recording.
"I have to do this," Mr. Perez replied . ".
"I had to f * cking cut because it would tear and the skin would get messed up when you tried to use the saw on the skin, I thought 'Oh damn, oh, there is no way.
"I will cut like a chicken.
"The Saw will make a mess.
I cleaned the saw in the tub, but I wasn't stupid because I poured out the dust, bleach first, and then I started picking up everything.
I was wearing gloves and was taking sh * t apart.
"I will soak it in the dust and let it sit there for a few minutes or half a minute --hour.
Then the water became Orange.
You know when to wash the sh * t down.
"You are a monster, simple and clear, you are a monster, simple and clear.
I have no other way to describe you, and how you murdered and dismember my brother's body without regret, "the victim's brother Edward Blackwood was giving Mr Perez
"How did you turn this evil envy that my brother has generously and diligently brought to you into reality.
There are not enough words to describe your terrible evil.
May you rot in prison for the rest of your life.
You took my brother from me.
He is just an eternal memory in our mind.
I hope you suffer all your life.
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