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gurajada kalakshetram to get facelift - 1 polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
gurajada kalakshetram to get facelift  -  1 polycarbonate sheet
Gurajada Kalakshetram will be covered with sheets without damaging the atmosphere of the open-air auditorium and will help organize the show even when it rains or in the sun, HRD minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao said after the site was officially launched on Sunday.
The project is the responsibility of the Visakhapatnam City Development Bureau at a cost of Rs. 5.
Crore will help make it a choice for cultural programming venues.
Works near VUDA children's theater are expected to be completed by April-end.
He said that, as instructed by Chief Minister VUDA, landscaping is being carried out around the entire complex, making it the only cultural center in the state.
After experiencing the damage caused by the severe cyclone storm Hudhud in 2014, the project proposes to use a polycarbonate plate roof on a steel truss that has been designed to withstand wind at this speed.
He added that this will enable participants and viewers to enjoy the program through the sun or rain, thereby increasing the income of the only venue in the city that can accommodate 3,000 people.
The minister said VUDA was asked to draft estimates for the modernization of the stage, green rooms and other facilities, and that the works would begin soon.
He added that landscaping will be the responsibility of the agency that carries out greening projects at the airport.
Vice President vuda t.
Additional vc k.
Ramesh and other officials attended the meeting.
Underground air
The minister said a conditional market like New Delhi's Palicha market is being proposed by the city.
The government is exploring the market in the city, including the Park of the old Central Prison.
Exploring the establishment of multiple locationslevel parking.
It has not been decided where the first such facility will appear.
Hotel location includes Ramnagar, Jagdamba Junction and Diamond Park.
The shopping center in Seetammadhara has been completed and the rental process will begin soon.
The design of the auditorium proposed by the MVP colony has been submitted and the work will also begin once the chief minister approves it.
The minister said that a large number of layout developers voluntarily approached VUDA to obtain their layout approval because it provided greater credibility among buyers.
Recently, the city development council submitted an application for layout of the VUDA area covering more than 250 acres for approval.
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