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halloween haunted window silohuettes - clear mylar sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
halloween haunted window silohuettes  -  clear mylar sheets
I love Halloween and I decided to do some custom window silos.
After searching for references, I met some great artwork from famous Dave Lao (
Pinterest and davelowe. blogspot. com)
As inspiration, windows at least this year.
I am creating these frameworks so that they can change year by year if I choose.
I'm a staunch believer in re-
Use materials.
For the front door, I don't want to make a full frame with orange shading paper like everyone else.
I combine Lao's cat with a bunch of pumpkins.
I also want to keep the background clear so that we can see them when pranks or guests come to the door.
So I used a transparent yellow pull, plus a transparent pull instead of an orange cover paper to seal them together.
The only cardboard frame is on the side and bottom.
I used some materials that most people might not have easy access.
I work in the printing industry so I have access to these things: Rubylith, orange masking paper, yellow medlar. (
Everything used to be in the old school tablet and printer making movies)
If you know someone who works in print or in a newspaper.
Most things are digital now, so they may place these materials around collecting dust.
I'll write in (parenthesis)
What can you replace them? Measure (
I can't emphasize that)
All the windows for which you plan to make the frame.
All the windows in your house are different and big.
Also, I decided to start small * I made my cabin (
Time Machine)windows first (Pictured). Good practice.
So maybe do your kitchen sink window first so you can see what the time is.
Measure the size of the window first.
Then measure the physical glass of the window so you know which area your design must fit in.
Once you have measured all the windows, measure and cut the size of the cardboard.
Now, usually newer windows will be in 2-2.
5 "enter from the frame well.
But if your glass is smaller than the frame, adjust your cut.
Cut the inside of the frame (Glass area)
Remove the card board but do not discard it.
Be sure to leave the beam in the center of the window frame.
This will help support the framework.
* Additional support may be required once the cardboard frame is cut.
I will talk about how to adjust later.
* When you go and do larger window frames, it will definitely help from a young age, as you may need to piece together the cardboard to get the full size you need, unless you have access to the huge cardboard.
Now you can do all the window frames at once, or you can do one at a time to see how to proceed.
My orange shade paper is basically 42 "square, so I had to trim it to a bit larger than the glass opening in the cardboard frame.
Use the Gorilla tape I attached to the cardboard covering the opening. (
Top and bottom areas)(
Note: The orange shade may be too opaque for some people because they like the backlight, so if you can use these together or replace them with other lighter materials.
For example, yellow medlar is listed in my supply list and it is more translucent.
So, you would prefer to do it if you had something else. )
As I mentioned earlier, I chose to use Dave Lowe (
Pinterest and davelowe. blogspot. com)
Zombie and witch silos
I printed these images as big as possible.
Now I know that not everyone has the ability to do that.
Another option is to tile to a laser printer.
Temporarily attach your design to the window lit at the back.
Now, if you are not familiar with Rubylith, it is a transparent Mylar sheet, a plastic film-like substance with this ruby color that can be cut from a transparent mylar and
Tape the Rubylith with the cutting face facing the design on the window.
Carefully cut the outline of the image using the exacto knife.
Once you have all the outlines you can choose from.
You can remove the internal or external area of the design.
If you remove the outside, you will get the effect that you see in my version.
Leave most of the Orange displays in the background.
If you remove the interior, you will leave most of the Red (Rubylith)in place.
Give you a completely different look. (
See my other example from another project I did).
Now you can choose to permanently attach the design to your frame with Gorilla tape, or use velcro squares that cut to corners and centers and position to corners and centers.
This will allow the creation of new designs and save on the exchange for next year.
Tip: to protect your design, it is recommended to have the cutting face facing the orange masking plate.
Strict choice.
After attaching the paper, you will notice that your cardboard frame may be a bit shaken.
At this point you may want to re-
Strengthen the framework and make it stronger.
This is where the rest of the cardboard comes in.
The cut is the opposite of the length of the cardboard.
So if the corrugated line runs vertically, cut your strip horizontally and stick it to the back of the frame with tape.
Making a bigger frame is a real challenge because my cardboard is not high enough.
So I have to put them together.
As I mentioned earlier, here is where the ribs are made to help add extra support.
It is not necessarily beautiful because the back of it will be inside. Just effective.
Therefore, there are very few tapes to maintain support.
Surprisingly, it makes a big difference in keeping the framework stable.
Plus my orange shade paper is about 1.
5 "All in all, so I cut the smaller straps and use the packing tape to mesh the seams with the very small overlap.
Hopefully, it's not all that obvious from the outside.
Every weekend of October, I add a window frame to the house.
The pictures of this group are all transmitted from the outside.
Now the only downside to these orange shades is that they really do their own work.
They really covered up a lot of light.
My original hope was that the lights in the room were enough.
They're fine, but I just want to punch a bit more.
So I bought some very cheap LED stores from port freight like lights.
These are just more improvements to the effect.
I am very satisfied with the result.
I hope this will inspire you to do your own thing on the windows of your home.
I realize that not everyone has access to these materials, and if you really want to do that, you can do the silo with a black foam core, with simple white (or colored)
To get a similar effect.
I will update this article in a new window every week.
I 've been paying a lot of attention to how these things look outside at night and I just found out that they look cool from inside during the day.
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