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hanging at columbus circle, a thing of light and colors - polycarbonate panels for sale

by:Cailong     2019-08-09
hanging at columbus circle, a thing of light and colors  -  polycarbonate panels for sale
Don't like the 29, 2004New Yorkers of the new environment sculpture color of the Time Warner Center only need to wait three minutes. It will change.
Change again.
Known as the "Prow sculpture", this glowing night exclamation point over Columbus's ring Island was installed by Time Warner as part of its headquarters. Set in a 150-
Located on 58 th Street, the sculpture is divided vertically into 12 groups of 36 lighting panels and looks like a huge keyboard-
If the keyboard has red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Since mid-
On November, the sculpture was illuminated every night from 4 to 11. m.
Display a series of patterns.
The panel changes the color for three minutes and then keeps the color for 30 seconds.
The display is suspended quarterly to show the time, using a large panel to indicate five hours and smaller panels
Minute increments. (
For example, 6 large panels and 3 small panels mean 6: 15. )
It is also important that prow does not do anything.
Promotions for Alexander, HBO, People magazine or any other time Warner brand or product have not appeared.
George H. Ladyman Jr.
Time Warner vice president and executive producer of sculpture said the agreement with the city does not require a third
Commercial use of sculpture.
The company may use it from time to promote special events such as the jazz concert at Lincoln Center or the premiere of Warner Bros. films. But Mr.
Ladyman said the sculpture was designed to complement the surrounding environment and architecture.
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"It's a piece of art," he added. "It's a piece of technical art.
"So it's a vivid reminder of how colors set emotions.
One recent evening, the palette of the sculpture changed, and the images it thought of went from the desert sunset to the depths of the ocean, to the polar landscape, to the wooded canyon.
Then the sculpture Tower will become a quilting.
"We listen to music just to feel the rhythm and the aftertaste of the shift," said David Rome of RomeAntics Productions . ".
His company designed and programmed sculptures made of Vermilion using the systems of Scharff Weisberg lighting.
There are a few lights
LEDs with double rear
Translucent polycarbonate panels 2 by 8 feet, 6 by 6 feet and 4 by 12 feet supported by 121
Vertical truss of foot.
If the end-to-end layout, the lighting array will extend by 728 feet, almost to the top of the Time Warner Center.
The sculpture weighs 10 tons.
While the sculpture is designed as part of the Columbus Circle, when it appears to be floating in the air from the Eighth Avenue, it may be the most effective, a new portal to the Upper West Side, more and more like Midtown.
In this sense, something big, bright and restless may be the perfect fulcrum.
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A version of this article appears on page B00003, national edition, November 29, 2004, with the title: round, a tower of light and color.
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