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haun trial focuses on defendant's handwriting - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
haun trial focuses on defendant\'s handwriting  -  clear plastic sheets
The flowing Ds, angular Js, and small Hs are stuck in a pile of letters.
This is the alphabet soup that led the testimony at Diana Howe's murder trial on Wednesday, as lawyers asked two handwriting experts about the defendant's unique signature, as well as with the case.
Prosecutors said that before the kidnapping, Haun purchased items such as wigs, suits and camping axes with personal checks
Killing housewife Sherri Dally
They also claim that these things were used by Haun during the killing.
Although defense counsel objected to the prosecution's murder theory, they admitted that Houn had purchased certain items prior to Dally's kidnapping in May 6, 1996.
Nonetheless, the prosecutor summoned three experts on Wednesday to further confirm that it was Houn who purchased the item and signed the cheque and other documents.
The testimony of two FBI experts flying from Washington and a local document examiner provided the first forensic evidence provided in the murder trial.
Haun is charged with murder, kidnapping and conspiracy to kill Dally under 35year-old day-
The operator at the care center and the wife of Howe's lover Michael Daley.
As part of her analysis, FBI document reviewer Margaret McHenry carefully checked the signatures on four personal cheques, gift certificates from clothing stores and handwritten samples provided by the accused to the police last year.
McHenry divided her research into two areas: the signature of Haun and her handwriting.
Although she testified that there were similar features in the defendant's signature, she told the jury that her conclusion was "not quite certain" that each check was written by Howe.
"Everyone's writing is different," she explains . ".
"I hope to see some changes.
She describes that the signature of the Haun is fluid and somewhat illegible, characterized by a large D and an intermediate initial J of the tilt.
"This is a very flowing tail," she said, referring to the enlarged photo of the signature.
"The tail of that D is very big, very long.
McHenry also conducted an analysis of the prosecutor's attempts to link to the two typing documents of Haun.
Last year, The Examiner received a copy of a typed letter mailed to various media organizations claiming responsibility for the killing of Dally and other missing persons in Ventura County.
The letter said local law enforcement officers were lazy and gullible and claimed that the killings were carried out by "British nationals.
"* The prosecutor accused Haun of being an anonymous author and sent the typewriters seized from his home to the FBI in an attempt to link her to the documents.
But Mike Henry said she couldn't come to the conclusion.
Haun did play the "English letter" on his computer ".
"I was able to identify the same design and style. . .
But it can't be said for sure that it comes from the same typewriter, "she testified.
For her analysis, McHenry received a copy of the original letter mailed to the media and a copy written by the police on the Haun typewriter. On cross-
Deputy public defense lawyer Neil Quinn placed the two documents on the projector, transferred to the transparent plastic sheet and tried to arrange the copies.
It does not match.
But Mike Henry questioned Quinn's experiment.
"This is not right," she said . "
She told the jury that the FBI would not make such coverage comparisons because they were not scientific enough.
Document Examiner John Harris, who lives in soomis and does business in an office in Long Beach, also testified about Howen's writing.
He told the jury that his opinion was that the person who signed the name Diana Howe in the police handwriting test was the same person as the person who signed the blue Nissan Altima lease agreement.
* A witness confirmed in court last week that Haun was the woman who rented the car in May 5, 1996 and returned it two days later.
Prosecutors argue that the car was used in kidnapping and killing.
In reviewing the lease agreement, Harris suggested that, due to unusual tendencies towards writing, Haun might try to cover up her signature.
Quinn challenged the testimony, which Harris said was only an observation of his years of experience.
In other testimony, the second FBI expert, Robert Rooney, who was summoned to appear in court, studied the green ink used to write Hahn's personal check.
Rooney said the prosecutor sent him a green pen. -
Where did the pen come from? -
And let him compare it to the ink on the check.
"They may come from the same source," he said . "But on cross-
In the exam, Rooney testified that this green ink is common and can be used widely in any population.
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