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health fears persist over non-stick pots and pans - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-17
health fears persist over non-stick pots and pans  -  pet manufacturing process
Cooks beware. If you use non-
If the pot bowl pans basin is not appropriate, you may be infected with "tefulon flu "--
Or wipe out your pet parrot. Non-
A rod coating made of Teflon uses a chemical called total fluorine acid (PFOA)
It becomes toxic at high temperatures.
Environmental Protection Agency of the United States (EPA)
PFOA is a "possible" carcinogenic substance, which means it can cause cancer.
Both DuPont and EPA, the Teflon manufacturer, said that if they use non-
Stick the cooker correctly.
While PFOA is used in the Teflon manufacturing process, it is not in the finished product, they say.
At most, traces may be left.
However, the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-
Non-profit organizations in Washington say
Stick cookers can release potentially harmful smoke at medium to high temperatures.
When sucked in, the smoke can lead to the so-called "treflon flu"
Headache, cold, backache, fever.
To make matters worse, smoke kills nearby birds.
In 2003, an American consumer told abc TV's 20/20 show that her pet parrot had turned over in a cage in the kitchen because all the water was cooked in a Teflon pan.
Birds have an allergic respiratory system, which is why Canaries are used to warn miners of the presence of toxic gases.
In 2003, EWG reported
The non-stick coating can reach 700F (370C)
In just three to five minutes, 15 toxic gases and chemicals, including two carcinogens, were released ".
The New Zealand food and safety agency says they don't think it's dangerous to use a cooker, which is popular because there is less oil and butter used in cooking.
It says it is not worried about regular use of adult household products coated with Teflon or similar to non-Teflon
Any health problems with post bar products
According to detailed records, Teflon or other non-
Diane Robinson, senior communications consultant, said that if heated to about 500C, a sticky coated cooker would emit toxic smoke.
"But I can't imagine anyone who uses a regular frying pan will heat the food to this level, if it's more harmful than Teflon, if you feel the need to eat it," she said.
DuPont says cookware with Teflon
The recommended maximum usage of the rod coating is 260C, and the coating breaks down only when the temperature exceeds about 350 c, which is easy to happen without temperature
The stick pan on the hot burner is kept dry or empty.
Cook's Illustrated magazine in the United States reported that cooking some food at high temperatures can even reach such extreme temperatures (
Fried fries, for example)
When it tests non
The Frying Pan last year.
In most cases, the maximum temperature is only a few seconds, and the maximum temperature drops 95 degrees Celsius as the food moves in the pan.
MS Robinson said the EPA said they were concerned about Teflon and other non-U.
Insist on using the cooker at the right temperature.
The flu is a city myth, she said.
But Green Party MP Sue Ketchley says the New Zealand food safety agency has turned a blind eye to food safety risks.
International concerns about the risks of Tefloncoated non-
Pan bowl pans basin and its adverse effects on health.
MS Kedgley said that the New Zealand monetary authority had not issued a warning or recommendation on the dangers of consumer health.
"NZFSA has a standard public relations mantra to downplay the risks, and they say they are maintaining an observation briefing to appease consumers rather than investigating the issue.
MS Kedgley said consumers should be informed of real concerns about Teflon, especially at high temperatures.
The group of American bird owners also claimed that thousands of birds had been killed by Teflon smoke.
Kelly Stewart, a New Zealand bird expert and bird writer, says New Zealand birds have died from Teflon poisoning.
"I haven't heard of many of these things, but it happened here.
"Tefulong tip * never leave Africa
Place the pan on an unattended heat source.
An empty pot is hotter than a pot with something.
* Do not warm up non
Stick the pan first before adding butter or oil.
* Do not let the temperature exceed 30 °c when cooking.
* Not on non-barbecue
Stick Pan or nonstick grill.
* Don't use a Teflon grill-coated pan;
The barbecue temperature easily exceeds 540C.
* Do not use metal utensils on non-stick cookware. -
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