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heated tyres, spark from under coach led to monorail fire: panel | mumbai news - times of india - polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-31
heated tyres, spark from under coach led to monorail fire: panel | mumbai news - times of india  -  polycarbonate sheet
Mumbai: draft report of the board of inquiry investigating the November 9 monorail fire noted that, due to the long use of rake son on the day of the accident, the heated tire caught fire after sparking from below and the coach contacted the wheel of the train.
The fire burned two carriages of a monorail.
Investigation by Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development BureauMMRDA)
Chaired by former rail safety commissioner P. S Baghel, he was assisted by the former chief electrical engineer of MMRDA.
Metropolitan Commissioner UPS Madan said, "the final report is expected to be submitted within eight days.
The monorail service will not run as the Harrow must be checked based on the reported findings.
"The Monorail service has been suspended since the incident, and MMRDA officials say they do not want to take risks on security issues.
After the fire, MMRDA said the fire was limited to two monorail cars stationed on platform one.
Wire, cab window, door, seat, floor, cab roof, tires and so on with the light panel, platform railing, they say the polycarbonate sheet of the roof of the elevated structure of the Mumbai monorail station has been damaged.
The incident shocked the authorities and citizens as the monorail was advertised as a fire. resistant.
Sources said the rake son who caught fire that day had run for five to six hours.
A senior official said, "a long run may result in a fever of tires.
However, the fire broke out because of Sparks (was)
Lit from the coach's base frame for technical reasons.
The official did not specify the technical reasons for the spark.
He said, "the train has been running since midnight on the day of the incident, which is part of the second phase of the trial at Jacob lap and the Vadala warehouse.
Depending on the trial run, a report must be sent to the rail safety commissioner and then checked by himself and then approved
Early passenger service.
"The first phase of the monorail service started in February 2014.
There is a distance of 8 km between Chembur and Wadala depot.
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