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heating buildings with factory fumes - heat transfer film

by:Cailong     2019-07-17
heating buildings with factory fumes  -  heat transfer film
One day in 2012, Audrey keenbroke and jeu'ad zemauri looked out over the Mediterranean Sea in the French Riviera.
Research scientist Zemmouri began to think about the large amount of solar heat trapped in the ocean and wondered: how to transfer this energy from the water to the air?
Two years of research have made Terrao heat exchangers an innovative way of recycling heat.
Zemmouri and keunbroke technical engineer are living and working in partnership.
They run a family of sevenyear-
An old company in northern France called Starklab specializes in sustainable research and development.
"Our global demand for energy is increasing," Zemmouri said . ".
Since we have to get out of fossil fuels, other energy solutions are only green or recyclable.
The concept of Terrao is simple-mixing hot air directly with cold water, or mixing cold air with warm water, the transfer of energy will make the air the same temperature as the water.
Traditional heat exchangers separate hot and cold substances with metal sheets or metal tubes.
Unlike Terrao, they can't get all the energy in the steam.
Zemmouri said that while physics is nothing new, the challenge is technical: "How do you inject a lot of air or steam into the water without replacing it?
"Think about blowing the straw into the drink-the liquid is full of flies.
He found a way to control communication like a Jacuzzi.
After the couple built a prototype in their garage, the startup did a pilot test at a gardening High School where heating and opening windows for ventilation at the same time in the greenhouse would be wasted
The Terrao system forces the outdoor cold air into the stored rain water, then heats it for purification, and then uses the air to ventilate the greenhouse.
Demand for gas and electricity in schools fell 45%.
But that's not all-when tested in the municipal pool, the switch removes chloramine from the air.
Zemmouri said: "its power is the ability to deal with pollution while restoring energy.
They realized two of Terrao's. in-
A method will make it an ideal choice for cleaning factories to discharge hazardous substances.
In 2016, after further research, the Terrao switch was ready for testing on a waste incinerator.
The stainless steel bypass connected to the chimney trap the hot smoke at the source and push them into the water before the incinerator deflates them into the air.
Particles captured by the exchanger (
Pm2 of 95% and pm2 of 80%. 5)
Nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, carbon dioxide, etc.
These contaminants are trapped in the water and can then be treated using a classical method while the energy in the smoke is recovered as heat.
Keunebrock compares the many applications of Terrao with the Swiss Army knife.
This technology can handle emissions from factories and industrial boilers as well as air from office buildings and shopping centers.
As the company started doing in Dubai, it can recycle energy to heat buildings and even cool them.
Starklab has 10 international patents, and Zemmouri says the Terrao system for private homes should be perfected within three years.
With the development of a startup, its name may be confusing.
Starklab is still the R & D center of the group, while Terrao is the name of the heat exchanger technology.
Terraotherm is a subsidiary and application of air treatment, which deals with thermal industrial emissions.
Recently, at the underground public transport station in Paris, Terraotherm was selected as one of five companies to test its methods.
This year, commuters at Foch Avenue station will see stainless steel blocks at both ends of the terminal, such as big refrigerators, filtering harmful smoke and particles in the air.
Martin Salmon, an analyst at ENEA, an international energy transformation consulting firm, confirmed: "This technology is innovative . ".
He recognized the potential of Terrao in terms of Dewetting and heat transfer, but he questioned whether it might be an expensive way to pollute the plant because "direct transfer of smoke at high temperatures is technically possible
"The facilities are really expensive, especially Terraosave, where a contract is worth millions of euros.
But the startup claims it can reduce its energy bill by 30 to 80%, which is usually paid in less than three years.
"The application market for Terrao is huge," keunbrock said . ".
"Heating, energy recovery, industrial equipment-we're talking about billions of dollars around the world.
"Startups choose to grow by licensing, partnerships, and sales, rather than getting financing from investors.
"We made a profit from the beginning," Zemmouri said . ".
The turnover of the group in 2017 was 2.
2 million euros, close to 6 million euros last year, with a target of 15 million euros in 2020.
To focus on R & D, the company is expanding through partnerships with professionals who know the most about its market, such as Daleno, a subsidiary of French electric power.
The startup uses this strategy to enter markets in Europe, Dubai and Morocco and to find reliable partners in China.
It's been a while since the company surpassed the founder's garage and in 2016 it moved to a 1,000-square-
Rice production plant near Dunkirk.
Keunebrock admitted that the building has not yet benefited from the Terrao heat exchanger.
"We do this when we have time," she said . ".
"Now we put all our energy into our customers.
"The article was published as part of the Earth Beat, an international cooperation initiative that brought together 18 news media from around the world to focus on addressing waste and pollution.
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