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here’s the correct way to vent your clothes dryer - flexible plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-09
here’s the correct way to vent your clothes dryer  -  flexible plastic sheet
I need your advice.
My clothes don't dry anymore.
The problem was traced to the ventilation pipe that was flattened behind the dryer.
I was also told that the flexible plastic pipe is inferior.
Could you please share the magic way you connect the clothes dryer to the ventilation pipe? —Valerie S. Tex, meskey
A: When your clothes dryer is drying longer and longer, this is usually a sign of a blockage of the ventilation tube, a blockage of the lint filter, or a blockage of the lint
Clogged vents baffle.
A few years ago, I helped a single mother install a new washer and dryer in the house she rented.
I had to modify the length of the dryer vent pipe and was shocked when I took it apart.
The entire 25 feet of the air pipe from the old dryer position to the external ventilation hood is blocked by lint.
I have never seen such a thing in my years!
Another time, when I tried to connect my own ventilation pipe to a new dryer bought by my wife, I found it unnecessarily frustrating.
The first mistake most builders make is to install a vent pipe in a finished laundry room close to the floor.
This is the root cause of my frustration.
I tried to lean back on the dryer, stick out down to tighten the screw and lose it.
I decided that in the future I would make it easy for myself and anyone else to deal with the issue of disconnecting the vent tube in order to clean, check or install the next new dryer.
I took out my tool and relocated the hood so it could come out of the wall of the house a few inches high behind the dryer.
This reminds me of solid four. inch metal 90-
Use the sheet to connect the angle tube to the public outlet at the bottom of the dryermetal screws.
I then straighten out a solid tube from this accessory to the back of the dryer.
I attach the second 90-
Use more screws to install the degree on the vertical pipe above the back of the dryer.
This accessory will be connected to a short pipe track coming out of my outer wall.
I was able to slide the dryer closer to the wall and didn't have any problems working with the short section of the pipe to fit the fittings.
It is easy to install the last screw.
At first glance, you may not like this solution because you will see ugly metal tubes above the dryer.
I know my wife will be unhappy too.
I made a box shelf with a French cleat attached to the wall and solved the problem. This open-
The box at the bottom slides past the vent pipe that hides everything.
The shelf is a perfect place for dryer sheets and other things that seem to be drawn to the laundry room.
I even put a few small words in the bottom corner of the front, "Swipe up to get the vent pipe.
Q: What is the truth about de-May, Tim?
Sugar, salt and concrete?
I have recently seen some liquids that can replace salt.
Is Salt harmful to concrete?
To prevent damage, can I apply something on the concrete?
What can be done if the concrete surface is hit? —Danny V.
Traverse City, Michigan.
A: Theme de-
Sugar Salt and concrete are complex, and thousands of words have been written about it.
I can give you the CliffsNotes version. De-
Frozen salt can harm concrete that is not properly mixed, placed, completed and cured.
The trouble is that when you see a concrete sidewalk, driveway, or patio, you don't know if all of these things are done correctly.
I can show you concrete sidewalks in different towns.
For decades, the sugar and salt on them have not melted.
Concrete can resist salt, which is a simple proof for you.
Do some math before you buy the magic liquid.
I saw some recently.
Found it 37 times more expensive than salt.
Most people put too much salt. ice.
Only 5 pounds of salt is needed for every 1,000 square feet of concrete.
Before winter comes, it's a good idea to spray a transparent permeable Silicon/silicone waterproof material on your concrete.
If possible, read the instructions, put on two coats, and one is right behind.
This sealing device helps reduce the amount of salt water soaked in concrete. Salt-
The damaged concrete usually does not need to be replaced.
Usually only the top 3/8 of the concrete has collapsed.
You can install a long
Use coarse sand, Portland cement and lime to re-lay the long-lasting cement-plaster overlay of concrete.
The secret is to glue the old concrete with the new plaster mixture with cement paint.
I have a detailed description of this process in AsktheBuilder. com.
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